Ubiquiti Networks EP-R6 / ER-X / ER-X-SFP Cross Site Scripting

WebKit JSC ArgumentsEliminationPhase::transform Incorrect LoadVarargs Handling

WebKit WebCore::RenderSearchField::addSearchResult Heap Buffer Overflow

WebKit WebCore::AccessibilityNodeObject::textUnderElement Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::RenderObject Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::AccessibilityRenderObject::handleAriaExpandedChanged Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::InputType::element Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::Node::getFlag Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::getCachedWrapper Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::Node::nextSibling Use-After-Free

WebKit JSC JSObject::putInlineSlow / JSValue::putToPrimitive XSS

MEDHOST Connex Hard-Coded Credentials

WebKit JSC JSArray::appendMemcpy Uninitialized Memory Copy

WebKit JSC Incorrect Scope Register Handling

WebKit JSC arrayProtoFuncSplice Uninitiailzed Memory Reference

REDDOXX Appliance Remote Command Execution

REDDOXX Appliance Unauthenticated Access

REDDOXX Appliance Undocumented Administrative Service Account

MAWK 1.3.3-17 Buffer Overflow

REDDOXX Appliance Arbitrary File Disclosure

ManageEngine Desktop Central 10 Build 100087 Remote Code Execution

REDDOXX Appliance Cross Site Scripting

REDDOXX Appliance RdxEngine-API File Disclosure

REDDOXX Appliance Session Identifier Extraction

PaulShop Cross Site Scripting / SQL Injection

Oracle Web Center / / XSS

Easy Chat Server User Registeration Buffer Overflow (SEH)

Razer Synapse rzpnk.sys ZwOpenProcess

IPFire proxy.cgi Remote Code Execution

VICIdial user_authorization Unauthenticated Command Execution

Metasploit RPC Console Command Execution

PeopleSoft ToolsRelease 8.55.03 / ToolsReleaseDB 8.55 / HCM 9.2 XSS

Oracle Integration Gateway File Upload

Samsung Trustonic Trustlet Revocation

Televes COAXDATA GATEWAY 1Gbps Access Bypass / Information Disclosure

NEC Universe UM4730 SQL Injection

Joomla JoomRecipe 1.0.4 SQL Injection

Linux/x86_64 Reverse Shell Shellcode

Citrix CloudBridge CAKEPHP Cookie Command Injection

Sonicwall importlogo/sitecustomization Remote Command Injection

Citrix SD-WAN Remote Command Injection

Sonicwall SRA gencsr.cgi Command Injection

Sonicwall Secure Remote Access (SRA) Command Injection

WordPress Task Manager Pro 1.31 Cross Site Scripting

Bitcoin Core Wallet 0.14.2 Proof Of Concept

PHP 'main/rfc1867.c' Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability

WebKit Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Internet Explorer VBScript Type Confusion

Barracuda Load Balancer Firmware Remote Root