Logitech Media Server 7.9.0 - 'favorites' Cross-Site Scripting

EDB-ID: 43122
Author: Dewank Pant
Published: 2017-11-03
CVE: CVE-2017-16567
Type: Webapps
Platform: Multiple
Vulnerable App: N/A

 # Shodan Dork: Search Logitech Media Server 
# Date: 11/03/2017
# Exploit Author: Dewank Pant
# Vendor Homepage: www.logitech.com
# Software Link: [download link if available]
# Version: 7.9.0
# Tested on: Windows 10, Linux
# CVE : Applied For.


Access and go to the favorites tab and add a new favorite.
Add script as the value of the field.
Payload : <script> alert(1)</script>
Script saved and gives a pop-up to user every time they access that page.
Therefore, Persistent XSS.

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