PTP-RAT Screen Share Proof Of Concept

PTP-RAT is a proof of concept that allows data theft via screen-share protocols. Each screen flash starts with a header. This contains a magic string, "PTP-RAT-CHUNK" followed by a sequence number. When the receiver is activated, it starts taking screenshots at twice the transmission frequency (the Nyquist rate). When it detects a valid header, it decodes the pixel colour information and waits on the next flash. As soon as a valid header is not detected, it reconstructs all the flashes and saves the result to a file. To transfer a file, you run an instance of the Rat locally on your hacktop, and set that up as a receiver. Another instance is run on the remote server and this acts as a sender. You simply click on send file, and select a file to send. The mouse pointer disappears and the screen begins to flash as the file is transmitted via the pixel colour values. At the end of the transfer, a file-save dialog appears on the receiver, and the file is saved.

MD5 | a9f22c83ef28df19417af14c266ee39a

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