PLANEX CS-QR20 Hardcoded Credential

PLANEX CS-QR20 suffers from a hardcoded administrative login credential vulnerability.

MD5 | a3e525063f553dba937d6b31790f575e

Reserved CVE: CVE-2017-12577

# Description
A hardcoded account / password is used in the Android application that allows attackers to leverage hidden functions and execute arbitrary code on the device.

# Vulnerability Type
Insecure Permissions

# Affected Product Code Base
Firmware ver 1.30

# Affected Component
Web management UI

# Attack Type

# Attack Vectors
Use predefine default password to login

# Discoverer
Kenney Lu (Trend Micro)

# Vulnerability Detail
A hardcode credential aadmin:password" was used by mobile app in order to control the device, because the credential is fixed, user canat change it, otherwise, the app will lose control. the credential can be used in a hidden API URL a/goform/SystemCommanda to execute any command with root permission.

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