Airties AIR5750 Cross Site Scripting

Airties AIR5650 Cross Site Scripting

Airties AIR5021 Cross Site Scripting

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 6.2.0 Cross Site Scripting

Fork CMS 5.4.0 Cross Site Scripting / HTML Injection

Airties AIR5453 Cross Site Scripting

Airties AIR5443v2 Cross Site Scripting

Airties AIR5442 Cross Site Scripting

Airties AIR5343v2 Cross Site Scripting

Dell EMC Unity Family 4.3.0.x / 4.3.1.x Incorrect File Permissions

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Code Execution / Privilege Escalation

Seqrite End Point Security 7.4 Privilege Escalation

AppArmor Filesystem Blacklisting Bypass

PCProtect 4 8.35 Privilege Escalation

Rausoft ID.prove 2.95 SQL Injection

ManageEngine Desktop Central 10.0.271 Cross Site Scripting

iWay Data Quality Suite Web Console XML Injection

Microsoft Edge Sandbox Escape

WordPress WebARX Website Firewall 4.9.8 XSS / Bypass

WordPress Breadcrumb NavXT 6.1.0 Username Disclosure

gVisor Pagetables Reuse

CMS ISWEB 3.5.3 SQL Injection

Citrix StorageZones Controller Improper Access Restrictions / Traversal

Progress Kendo UI Editor 2018.1.221 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress WP Insert 2.4.2 Arbitrary File Upload

Linux create_elf_tables() Integer Overflow

tekno.Portal 0.1b Cross Site Scripting

Linux/ARM TCP Port 4444 Binding Shellcode

CrossFont 7.5 Denial Of Service

TransMac 12.2 Denial Of Service

Linux VMA Use-After-Free

Multiple IBM DB2 Products CVE-2014-8910 File Disclosure Vulnerability

WebKit WebCore::InlineTextBox::paint Out-Of-Bounds Read

WebKit WebCore::RenderMultiColumnSet::updateMinimumColumnHeight Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::SVGTRefElement::updateReferencedText Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::AXObjectCache::handleMenuItemSelected Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::Node::ensureRareData Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::SVGAnimateElementBase::resetAnimatedType Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::RenderLayer::updateDescendantDependentFlags Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::SVGTextLayoutAttributes::context Use-After-Free

WebKit WebCore::RenderTreeBuilder::removeAnonymousWrappersForInlineChildrenIfNeeded Use-After-Free

Joomla! Timetable Schedule 3.6.8 SQL Injection

Joomla! Article Factory Manager 4.3.9 SQL Injection

Joomla! AlphaIndex Dictionaries 1.0 SQL Injection

Joomla! Reverse Auction Factory 4.3.8 SQL Injection

Joomla! Collection Factory 4.1.9 SQL Injection

Joomla! Swap Factory 2.2.1 SQL Injection

Joomla Component eXtroForms 2.1.5 SQL Injection

Faleemi Desktop Software 1.8.2 Device Alias Buffer Overflow

Joomla! Dutch Auction Factory 2.0.2 SQL Injection