Apache Spark Unauthenticated Command Execution

Siglent Technologies SDS 1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope Hardcoded Credentials

Tarantella Enterprise Security Bypass

Tarantella Enterprise Directory Traversal

WordPress Events Calendar Premium 1.0 Database Disclosure

WordPress WP Complete Backup 3.0.5 Database Backup Disclosure

WordPress Jazzy Forms 1.1.1 Database Backup Disclosure

WordPress pm_market 1.0 Database Backup Disclosure

WordPress wawp_framework 1.0 Database Backup Disclosure

Ubuntu Ghostscript Failed Fix

Microsoft VBScript rtFilter Out-Of-Bounds Read

WebKit JSC ForInContext Invalidation

Microsoft VBScript OLEAUT32!VariantClear / scrrun!VBADictionary::put_Item Use-After-Free

WebKit JIT ByteCodeParser::handleIntrinsicCall Type Confusion

WebKit JSC JIT JSPropertyNameEnumerator Type Confusion

Moxa NPort W2x50A 2.1 OS Command Injection

knc (Kerberized NetCat) Denial Of Service

Joomla Event Booking Extension 'com_eventbooking' Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability

Cisco Prime License Manager CVE-2018-15441 SQL Injection Vulnerability

WordPress Delme 3.0 Database Disclosure

WordPress user-spam-remover 1.0 Database Disclosure

WordPress hwm_board 1.0 Arbitrary File Disclosure

WordPress uploadingdownloading-non-latin-filename 1.1.5 Arbitrary File Download

WordPress sermon-shortcodes 1.0 Arbitrary File Download

WordPress allow-l10n-upload-filename 1.0 Arbitrary File Download

Joomla Event Booking 3.8.3 Database Disclosure

Joomla DJ Image Slider 3.2.3 Database Disclosure

Joomla Fabrik 3.9 CSRF / LFI / Shell Upload

Unitrends Enterprise Backup bpserverd Privilege Escalation

Htcap Analysis Tool 1.1.0

WordPress SEO (Yoast SEO) 9.1 Race Condition / Command Execution

SonarSource SonarQube 7.3 Information Disclosure

Cisco WebEx Meetings Privilege Escalation

Avahi 0.7 Denial Of Service

BMC Remedy 7.1 User Impersonation

PHP imap_open Remote Code Execution

Linux Nested User Namespace idmap Limit Local Privilege Escalation

Mac OS X libxpc MITM Privilege Escalation

TeamCity Agent XML-RPC Command Execution

TIBCO Statistica Server CVE-2018-18807 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Netgear Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution

phpMyAdmin 4.8.1 Authenticated Local File Inclusion

No-Cms 1.0 SQL Injection

MariaDB Client 10.1.26 Denial Of Service

WordPress Easy Testimonials 3.2 Cross Site Scripting

Zyxel VMG1312-B10D 5.13AAXA.8 Directory Traversal

Arm Whois 3.11 Buffer Overflow

Xorg X11 Server SUID Privilege Escalation

Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Console 4.4 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress Universal Post Manager 1.5.0 Database Disclosure