Inout Article Base CMS SQL Injection

Meeplace Business Review Script SQL Injection

WordPress Themes Open Redirection

snap seccomp TIOCSTI Blacklist Circumvention

Netartmedia Vlog System SQL Injection

DVD X Player 5.5.3 Buffer Overflow

Bootstrapy CMS SQL Injection

Rails 5.2.1 Arbitrary File Content Disclosure

Placeto CMS Alpha 4 SQL Injection

The Company Business Website CMS SQL Injection

uHotelBooking System SQL Injection

Canarytokens 2019-03-01 Detection Bypass

NSS Netscape Certificate Sequences CERT_DecodeCertPackage() Crash

JFrog Artifactory Administrator Authentication Bypass

Java Card VM Memory Safety

NetShareWatcher Local SEH Buffer Overflow

PLC Wireless Router GPN2.4P21-C-CN Incorrect Access Control

PLC Wireless Router GPN2.4P21-C-CN Cross Site Request Forgery

Netartmedia PHP Real Estate Agency 4.0 SQL Injection

Netartmedia Jobs Portal 6.1 SQL Injection

Netartmedia PHP Business Directory 4.2 SQL Injection

202CMS 10beta SQL Injection

Netartmedia PHP Dating Site SQL Injection

Netartmedia PHP Car Dealer SQL Injection

Netartmedia Deals Portal SQL Injection

Red Hat JBoss BPMS CVE-2016-6343 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Drupal Core SA-CORE-2019-004 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Advanced Host Monitor 11.92 Beta Local Buffer Overflow

eNdonesia Portal 8.7 Iframe Injection / SQL Injection

Netartmedia PHP Mall 4.1 SQL Injection

Gila CMS 1.9.1 Cross Site Scripting

Netartmedia Event Portal 2.0 SQL Injection

Netartmedia Real Estate Portal 5.0 SQL Injection

MyBB Upcoming Events 1.32 Cross Site Scripting

Microsoft Edge Flash click2play Bypass

VBScript VbsErase Memory Corruption

Chrome StoragePartitionService Double-Destruction Race

Microsoft Windows IE11 VBScript Execution Policy Bypass In MSHTML

Chrome MidiManagerWin Use-After-Free

Chrome FileSystemOperationRunner Use-After-Free

Chrome ExtensionsGuestViewMessageFilter Data Race

JFrog Artifactory Pro 6.5.9 Signature Validation

Abine Blur 7.8.24x Authentication Bypass

Jenkins ACL Bypass / Metaprogramming Remote Code Execution

exacqVision 9.8 Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation

libseccomp Incorrect Compilation Of Arithmetic Comparisons

Gitea 1.7.3 HTML Injection

TheCarProject 2 SQL Injection

WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter 4.4.2 Denial Of Service