WordPress jilijilibegin LTS 4.6 Open Redirection

Anviz M3 RFID Missing Access Controls

Nagios XI 5.6.1 SQL Injection

Microsoft Windows Win32k Privilege Escalation

Interspire Email Marketer 6.20 Remote Code Execution

NetAware 1.20 Add Block / Share Name Denial Of Service

WordPress PHPL 1.0 Open Redirection

Terminal Services Manager 3.2.1 Denial Of Service

WordPress Chrome-Extensions 1.0 Open Redirection

WordPress Dankov Planer 1.1.2 Open Redirection

WordPress Aliyun 5.2 Open Redirection

WordPress Ad-Manager 1.1.2 Open Redirection

Brocade Network Advisor 14.4.1 Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

Linux/x64 execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode

TapinRadio 2.11.6 Denial Of Service

BlueStacks Denial Of Service

Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Privilege Escalation

RarmaRadio 2.72.3 Username / Server Denial Of Service

Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 Cross Site Scripting

TP-LINK TL-WR840N Cross Site Scripting

Deluge 1.3.15 Webseeds / URL Denial Of Service

Moodle Jmol Filter 6.1 Cross Site Scripting / Directory Traversal

WordPress WPGraphQL 0.2.3 Authentication Bypass / Information Disclosure

Encrypt PDF 2.3 Denial Of Service

docPrint Pro 8.0 Denial Of Service

eLabFTW 1.8.5 Arbitrary File Upload / Remote Code Execution

VeryPDF PCL Converter 2.7 Denial Of Service

Internet Explorer JavaScript Privilege Escalation

Angry Polar Bear 2: Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Local Privilege Escalation

Microsoft Windows 'SetJobFileSecurityByName()' Function Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Privilege Escalation

WordPress Inkblot Theme 4.9.10 Cross Site Request Forgery

WordPress Memphis Documents Library 3.9.19 Cross Site Request Forgery

Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler .job Import Arbitrary DACL Write

Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Firefox ESR Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

FreeBSD rtld execl() Privilege Escalation

Mac OS X Feedback Assistant Race Condition

Shopware createInstanceFromNamedArguments PHP Object Instantiation

XNU Stale Pointer Use-After-Free

XNU stf_ioctl Bad Cast

Visual Voicemail For iPhone IMAP NAMESPACE Use-After-Free

Microsoft Windows CmKeyBodyRemapToVirtualForEnum Arbitrary Key Enumeration

JavaScriptCore LICM Uninitialized Stack Variable

Darktrace Enterpise Immune System 3.0.9 / 3.0.10 Cross Site Request Forgery

PHP PHP_INI_SYSTEM Ineffective Controls

Slims CMS Akasia 8.3.1 SQL Injection

phpKF 1.10 XSS / CSRF / SQL Injection

Freelance Cockpit CRM 3.3.1 SQL Injection

Horde Webmail 5.2.22 XSS / CSRF / SQL Injection / Code Execution