FANUC Robotics Virtual Robot Controller 8.23 Buffer Overflow

Microsoft Windows NtUserSetWindowFNID Win32k User Callback

Linux PTRACE_TRACEME Broken Permission / Object Lifetime Handling

CentOS Control Web Panel User Enumeration

CentOS Control Web Panel Authentication Bypass

CentOS Control Web Panel Privilege Escalation

DameWare Remote Support Buffer Overflow

R 3.4.4 (Windows 10 x64) Buffer Overflow

SAPUI5 1.0.0 / SAP Gateway 7.5 / 7.51 / 7.52 / 7.53 Content Spoofing

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help / Uncompiled .chm File XML External Entity Injection

SSL/TLS Protocol Initialization Vector Implementation Information Disclosure Vulnerability

GNU glibc CVE-2019-1010023 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

AppXSvc Hard Link Privilege Escalation

PHP Laravel Framework Token Unserialize Remote Command Execution

Microsoft Windows HTTP To SMB NTLM Reflection Privilege Escalation

Citrix SD-WAN Appliance 10.2.2 Authentication Bypass / Remote Command Execution

Streamripper 2.6 Buffer Overflow

Netgear WiFi Router JWNR2010v5 / R6080 Authentication Bypass

Android VideoPlayer ihevcd_parse_pps Out-Of-Bounds Write

Microsoft Windows RDP BlueKeep Denial Of Service

FlightPath Local File Inclusion

PCMan FTP Server 2 ALLO Buffer Overflow

Cisco Small Business Switch Information Leakage / Open Redirect

Linux/x86 chmod 666 /etc/passwd / /etc/shadow Shellcode

Xymon useradm Command Execution

Sitecore 9.0 Rev 171002 Cross Site Scripting

SNMPc Enterprise Edition 9 / 10 Mapping Filename Buffer Overflow

Jenkins Dependency Graph View 0.13 Cross Site Scripting

Microsoft Font Subsetting DLL ComputeFormat4CmapData Heap Corruption

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType Out-Of-Bounds Read / Write

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO dnaGrow Insufficient Integer Overflow Check

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType Stack Corruption

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType Out-Of-Bounds Read

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType Post Table Bugs

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType NULL Pointer Dereference

pArAnoIA Browser 0.1

Oracle July 2019 Critical Patch Update Multiple Vulnerabilities

GitLab CVE-2018-19575 Security Vulnerability

GitLab CVE-2018-19493 HTML Injection Vulnerability

Nagios XI CVE-2018-17147 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Exiv2 CVE-2019-13504 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType readEncoding Buffer Overflow

phpFK lite-version Cross Site Scripting

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType readCharset Buffer Overflow

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType Out-Of-Bounds Read / Write

PowerPanel Business Edition 3.4.0 Cross Site Request Forgery

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO readTTCDirectory Integer Overflow

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType readStrings Buffer Overflow

Microsoft DirectWrite / AFDKO OpenType blendArray Stack Corruption