Solaris DTMail Mail Environment Variable Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

WinWrapper Admin Server Arbitrary File Reading Vulnerability

Joomla Remository 3.58 Database Disclosure / Shell Upload / SQL Injection

Joomla MorfeoShow 1.2.0 SQL Injection

Joomla JUserTube 8.3.1 SQL Injection

Joomla JooMap 2.0.6 SQL Injection

Joomla JEvents 3.4.47 SQL Injection

Joomla JComments 3.0.5 SQL Injection

Joomla JCalPro Calendar 4.3.26 SQL Injection

Joomla HWDVideoShare 1.5 Bypass / Database Disclosure / SQL Injection

Joomla HotelGuide 1.0 SQL Injection

Joomla Formularz 1.0.2 SQL Injection

WeBid 1.2.2 Cross Site Scripting

UltraISO Local Buffer Overflow

AnyBurn x86 4.3 Denial Of Service

R i386 3.5.0 Local Buffer Overflow

iOS / MacOS PF_KEY Kernel Heap Overflow

XNU vm_map_copy Optimization Issue

XNU copy-on-write Behavior Bypass

iOS / MacOS iohideventsystem Sandbox Escape

MacOS 10.14.1 libxpc Deallocation

Joomla Zoo By YooTheme 3.3.10 Database Disclosure / SQL Injection

Joomla XMap 2.3.0 Database Disclosure / SQL Injection

Joomla SimplestForum 1.5 SQL Injection

Joomla Rokin RokGallery 3.2.6 SQL Injection

Advanced File Manager 3.4.1 Denial Of Service

IP-Tools 2.50 Denial Of Service

Necrosoft DIG 0.4 Denial Of Service

Microsoft Windows/x86 msiexec.exe Download And Execute Shellcode

Rukovoditel Project Management CRM 2.4.1 SQL Injection

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 8.54 Local Buffer Overflow

GuppY Error.PHP HTML Injection Vulnerability

Solaris xlock Heap Overflow Vulnerability

Adobe Flash Player APSB17-15 Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities

askSam Web Publisher Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Collabtive 3.1 Cross Site Scripting

iOS / macOS Uninitialized Kernel Stack Disclosure

PDF Signer 3.0 Template Injection / CSRF / Code Execution

MiniUPnPd 2.1 Out-Of-Bounds Read

Linux/x86 Read /etc/passwd Shellcode

Linux/x86 execve(/bin/sh) + RShift-1 Encoded Shellcode

Linux/ARM Bindshell Shellcode

Linux/ARM Reverse Shell Shellcode

Nessus 8.2.1 Cross Site Scripting

HTML Video Player 1.2.5 Local Buffer Overflow

jQuery-File-Upload CVE-2018-9206 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability

Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

OPNsense 18.7 Cross Site Scripting

CMSsite 1.0 SQL Injection

Easy Video To iPod Converter 1.6.20 Buffer Overflow