exacqVision 9.8 Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation

libseccomp Incorrect Compilation Of Arithmetic Comparisons

Gitea 1.7.3 HTML Injection

TheCarProject 2 SQL Injection

WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter 4.4.2 Denial Of Service

WinMPG Video Convert 9.3.5 Denial Of Service

WordPress FormCraft 2.0 CSRF / Shell Upload

CSZ CMS 1.2.1 Arbitrary File Upload

PHP MySQLi Database Class 2.9.2 SQL Injection

PHP Information Disclosure and Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Webmin 1.900 Upload Authenticated Remote Command Execution

Moodle 3.4.1 Remote Code Execution

Vembu Storegrid Web Interface 4.4.0 Cross Site Scripting / Information Disclosure

Laundry CMS SQL / Iframe Injection

BMC Patrol Agent Privilege Escalation / Command Execution

Mail Carrier 2.5.1 Buffer Overflow

ICE HRM 23.0 SQL / Iframe Injection

CMS Made Simple Showtime2 3.6.2 Arbitrary File Upload

NetData 1.13.0 HTML Injection

Microsoft Windows Win32k CVE-2019-0808 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Apache UNO API Remote Code Execution

Pegasus CMS 1.0 Remote Code Execution

FTPGetter Standard Remote Code Execution

Root Cause Of The CVE-2019-0808 Kernel Privilege Escalation

Intel Modular Server System 10.18 Cross Site Request Forgery

ntopng 3.8.190307 Community Edition Cross Site Scripting

Apache Tika Server Command Injection

pfSense 2.4.4-p1 (HAProxy Package 0.59_14) Cross Site Scripting

WordPress GraceMedia Media Player 1.0 Local File Inclusion

Vixie Cron CVE-2019-9705 Denial of Service Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows MSHTML Engine Edit Remote Code Execution

SAP NetWeaver Java AS CVE-2019-0275 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

elFinder PHP Connector exiftran Command Injection

PilusCart 1.4.1 Cross Site Request Forgery

Core FTP 2.0 Build 653 PBSZ Denial Of Service

robinbhandari FTP Remote Denial Of Service

Microsoft Windows .Reg File / Dialog Box Message Spoofing

NREL BEopt 2.8.0 Insecure Library Loading Arbitrary Code Execution

WordPress WP Fastest Cache Arbitrary File Deletion

CoreFTP Server FTP / SFTP Server 2 Build 674 MDTM Directory Traversal

CoreFTP Server FTP / SFTP Server 2 Build 674 SIZE Directory Traversal

OpenCart Price Comparison Store 3.x Open Redirection

Vanilla Forums 2.x Open Redirection

DotNetNuke SaveAsPDF 1.0 Arbitrary File Download

Linux/x86 /sbin/route Shellcode

OwnTicket 1.0 Cross Site Request Forgery

How Do You Use An XSS As A Keylogger?

Liferay CE Portal Groovy-Console Remote Command Execution

Linux Kernel 4.4 (Ubuntu 16.04) snd_timer_user_ccallback() Kernel Pointer Leak