Cisco RV320 / RV325 Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

CentOS Web Panel Cross Site Scripting

SpiderMonkey IonMonkey Type Confusion

Job Portal 3.1 SQL Injection

Jettweb PHP Hazir Rent A Car Sitesi Scripti 2 SQL Injection

BigTree CMS 4.3.4 SQL Injection

Thomson Reuters Concourse And Firm Central Local File Inclusion / Directory Traversal

WordPress Anti-Malware Security And Brute-Force Firewall 4.18.63 Local File Inclusion

Base64 Decoder 1.1.2 Buffer Overflow

WordPress Loco Translate 2.2.1 Local File Inclusion

Microsoft Visio 2016 16.0.4738.1000 Denial Of Service

i-doit 1.12 Cross Site Scripting

Airbnb Clone Script (Homeybnb) SQL Injection

Pydio 8 Command Execution / Cross Site Scripting

Magento 2.3.0 SQL Injection

Masch CMStudio Banners 8.6.1 Open Redirection

WordPress Ultimate Form Builder 1.0 Database Disclosure

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) Showtime2 File Upload Remote Command Execution

Oracle Weblogic Server Deserialization Remote Code Execution

SpiderMonkey IonMonkey Type Confusion

GnuTLS verify_crt() Use-After-Free

Fat Free CRM 0.19.0 HTML Injection

Cisco RV320 Command Injection

Cisco RV320 Unauthenticated Diagnostic Data Retrieval

Cisco RV320 Unauthenticated Configuration Export

Joomla ARI Image Slider 2.2.0 Cross Site Request Forgery / Shell Upload

Jettweb Hazir Rent A Car Scripti 4 SQL Injection

Firefox Array.prototype.slice Buffer Overflow

XooDigital SQL Injection

XooGallery SQL Injection

Rukovoditel ERP And CRM 2.4.1 Cross Site Scripting

Jettweb Php Hazir ilan Sitesi Scripti 2 SQL Injection

SJS Simple Job Script SQL Injection / Cross Site Scripting

WordPress WP-Forum 1.7.8 Database Disclosure

Microsoft Windows Win32k CVE-2019-0808 Local Privilege Escalation

WordPress AND-AntiBounce 1.0.3 Open Redirection

PCMan's FTP Server 'CDUP' Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

EMC Networker Remote Code Execution

Titan FTP Server 2019 Build 3505 Directory Traversal

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide Code Execution

WordPress article2pdf 0.24 DoS / File Deletion / Disclosure

DASAN H660RM Information Disclosure / Hardcoded Key

PCMan FTP Server 2.0 CDUP Remote Buffer Overflow

JMX RMI - Multiple Applications RCE

SPIP CMS 2.x / 3.x Add Administrator / File Upload

Zeeways Jobsite CMS SQL Injection

Zeeways Matrimony CMS SQL Injection

Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus CVE-2017-9376 Multiple Local File Include Vulnerabilities

Net-SNMP CVE-2018-18065 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

ABUS Secvest Remote Control Denial Of Service