Microsoft Outlook Web Access with RSA SecurID Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Post Authorization License Exhaustion Denial Of Service Vulnerability

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Multiple MSRPC Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Outlook Web Access Login Form Remote URI Redirection Vulnerability

Shopware 5.5.6 Cross Site Scripting

ZyXEL P-660HN-T1 V2 Missing Authentication / Password Disclosure

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop BlueKeep Denial Of Service

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services CVE-2019-0708 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Serv-U FTP Server Local Privilege Escalation

Siemens LOGO! 8 Recoverable Password Format

Siemens LOGO! 8 Missing Authentication

Siemens LOGO! 8 Hard-Coded Cryptographic Key

WordPress WPAds 1.0 Open Redirection

WordPress Nya-Comment-DoFollow 1.0 Open Redirection

Qualcomm Android Kernel Use-After-Free

Microsoft Windows AppX Deployment Service Local Privilege Escalation

Free SMTP Server 2.5 Denial Of Service

pfSense 2.4.4-p3 Cross Site Scripting

Spidermonkey IonMonkey JS_OPTIMIZED_OUT Value Leak

JavaScript V8 Turbofan Out-Of-Bounds Read

VFront 0.99.5 Persistent Cross Site Scripting

VFront 0.99.5 Reflective Cross Site Scripting

Crowd / Crowd Data Center pdkinstall Enabled

MacOS X 10.14.5 Gatekeeper Bypass

Kanboard 1.2.7 Cross Site Scripting

Joomla Attachments 3.x File Upload

Phraseanet DAM Cross Site Scripting

Petraware pTransformer ADC SQL Injection

EquityPandit 1.0 Password Disclosure

Typora Directory Traversal

Deltek Maconomy 2.2.5 Local File Inclusion

Zoho ManageEngine Applications Manager '/' Module SQL Injection Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows Installer Race Condition

Quest KACE Systems Management Appliance 9.0 Cross Site Scripting

Bitbucket Path Traversal / Remote Code Execution

Opencart extension/feed/google_base Denial Of Service

WordPress Tigin 1.0.5 Open Redirection

WordPress Xunjin 4.6 Open Redirection

WordPress Divi-Child 1.0 Open Redirection

WordPress Howsci 1.8 Open Redirection

WordPress Antena_Ri Institute 2.0 Open Redirection

WordPress Jingke 1.0 Open Redirection

WordPress Ninger 4.6 Open Redirection

Atlassian Bitbucket Server CVE-2019-3397 Directory Traversal Vulnerability

WordPress jilijilibegin LTS 4.6 Open Redirection

Anviz M3 RFID Missing Access Controls

Nagios XI 5.6.1 SQL Injection

Microsoft Windows Win32k Privilege Escalation

Interspire Email Marketer 6.20 Remote Code Execution

NetAware 1.20 Add Block / Share Name Denial Of Service