AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) Key Recovery

D-Link Administrative Password Disclosure

Linux kernel CVE-2019-12817 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Nessus CVE-2019-3961 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Nagios XI Magpie_debug.php Root Remote Code Execution

BlogEngine.NET 3.3.6 / 3.3.7 path Directory Traversal

Fortinet FCM-MB40 Cross Site Request Forgery / Remote Command Execution

WordPress Live Chat Unlimited 2.8.3 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress iLive 1.0.4 Cross Site Scripting

SAPIDO RB-1732 Remote Command Execution

SuperDoctor5 NRPE Remote Code Execution

Spidermonkey IonMonkey Incorrect Prediction

Buffer Overflows, C Programming, And More

Microsoft Windows Font Cache Service Insecure Sections

Microsoft Windows CmpAddRemoveContainerToCLFSLog Arbitrary File / Directory Creation

ABB IDAL HTTP Server Uncontrolled Format String

ABB IDAL HTTP Server Stack-Based Buffer Overflow

FortiCam FCM-MB40 Code Execution / Privilege Escalation

SeedDMS out.GroupMgr.php Cross Site Scripting

SeedDMS Remote Command Execution

SeedDMS out.UsrMgr.php Cross Site Scripting

dotProject 2.1.9 SQL Injection

GrandNode 4.40 Path Traversal / File Download

GSearch Denial Of Service


Linux/x86_64 Reverse( Shell (/bin/sh) Shellcode

ABB IDAL HTTP Server Authentication Bypass

ABB HMI Missing Signature Verification

ABB IDAL FTP Server Uncontrolled Format String

Cisco Prime Service Catalog CVE-2019-1875 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

BlogEngine.NET 3.3.6 / 3.3.7 XML Injection

Linux Race Condition Use-After-Free

WebERP 4.15 SQL Injection

Tuneclone 2.20 SEH Buffer Overflow

Koha Library Software 18.1106000 Open Redirection

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Health Monitor TarArchive Directory Traversal

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Runrshell Privilege Escalation

BlogEngine.NET 3.3.6 / 3.3.7 Theme Cookie Directory Traversal / Remote Code Execution

BlogEngine.NET 3.3.6 / 3.3.7 dirPath Directory Traversal / Remote Code Execution

Symantec DLP CVE-2019-9701 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Oracle WebLogic Server Deserialization CVE-2019-2729 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Mozilla Firefox and Firefox ESR CVE-2019-11707 Denial of Service Vulnerability

BlogEngine.NET 3.3.7 Directory Traversal / Remote Code Execution

Sahi Pro 8.x Cross Site Scripting

Sahi Pro 8.x SQL Injection

Sahi Pro 7.x / 8.x Directory Traversal

Serv-U FTP Server 15.1.6 Privilege Escalation

Linux/x86_64 execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode

Linux / FreeBSD TCP-Based Denial Of Service