Zyxel Firewall ZTP Unauthenticated Command Injection

Chrome 100 extensions::ExtensionApiFrameIdMap::GetFrameId Heap Use-After-Free

IpMatcher Server-Side Request Forgery

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0606 Code Execution

Zyxel Remote Command Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0605 Code Execution

WordPress WP Event Manager 3.1.27 Cross Site Scripting

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0604 Code Execution

HighCMS/HighPortal 12.x SQL Injection

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0603 Code Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0602 Code Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0601 Code Execution

Konica Minolta bizhub MFP Printer Terminal Sandbox Escape

COOPER: Testing The Binding Code Of Scripting Languages With Cooperative Mutation

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0600 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0599 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0598 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0597 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0595 Code Execution