FS Ebay Clone 1.0 SQL Injection

Basic B2B Script 2.0.8 SQL Injection

FS Freelancer Clone 1.0 SQL Injection

FS Gigs Script 1.0 SQL Injection

FS Groupon Clone 1.0 SQL Injection

FS Grubhub Clone 1.0 SQL Injection

FS IMDB Clone 1.0 SQL Injection

macOS XNU Kernel - Memory Disclosure due to bug in Kernel API for Detecting Kernel Memory Disclosures

LibTIFF pal2rgb 4.0.9 - Heap Buffer Overflow

ACDSee Ultimate CVE-2017-2886 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

iOS/macOS - Kernel Double Free due to IOSurfaceRootUserClient not Respecting MIG Ownership Rules

Apache CXF Fediz CVE-2017-12631 Multiple Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities

macOS - 'necp_get_socket_attributes' so_pcb Type Confusion

Doctor Search Script 1.0 SQL Injection

Entrepreneur Job Portal Script 2.0.6 SQL Injection

Jenkins CVE-2017-17383 Multiple HTML Injection Vulnerabilities

LibTIFF CVE-2017-17095 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Consumer Complaints Clone Script 1.0 SQL Injection

Beauty Parlour Booking Script 1.0 SQL Injection