Sahi Pro 8.x Cross Site Scripting

Sahi Pro 8.x SQL Injection

Sahi Pro 7.x / 8.x Directory Traversal

Serv-U FTP Server 15.1.6 Privilege Escalation

Linux/x86_64 execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode

Linux / FreeBSD TCP-Based Denial Of Service

Exim 4.91 Local Privilege Escalation

Netperf 2.6.0 Buffer Overflow

AROX School-ERP Pro Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

HC10 HC.Server Service 10.14 Remote Invalid Pointer Write

Microsoft Word (2016) Deceptive File Reference

Spring Security OAuth 2.3 Open Redirection

Microsoft Windows UAC Protection Bypass

Clever Dog Smart Camera DOG-2W / DOG-2W-V4 File Disclosure / Backdoor

RedwoodHQ 2.5.5 Authentication Bypass

Linux/x86 Reposition + INC Encoder With execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode

QEMU 'tcp_subr.c' Local Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Dell EMC Avamar ADMe Web UI 1.0.50 / 1.0.51 Local File Inclusion