Dell EMC Avamar / IDPA Remote Code Execution / Open Redirection

Richfaces 3.x Remote Code Execution

Zoho ManageEngine OpManager 12.3 Cross Site Scripting

ELBA5 Electronic Banking Remote Code Execution

Microsoft Windows Unnamed Kernel Object Privilege Escalation

Microsoft Windows DfMarshal Unsafe Unmarshaling Privilege Escalation

macOS 10.13 workq_kernreturn Denial Of Service

ImageMagick Memory Leak

Ticketly 1.0 Cross Site Request Forgery

Ricoh myPrint Hardcoded Credentials / Information Disclosure

Synaccess netBooter NP-0801DU 7.4 Cross Site Request Forgery

Synaccess netBooter NP-02x / NP-08x 6.8 Authentication Bypass

Microsoft Edge Chakra OP_Memset Type Confusion

XMPlay 3.8.3 Denial Of Service

HTML Video Player 1.2.5 Buffer Overflow

Intel Rapid Storage Technology User Interface And Driver DLL Hijacking

Budabot 4.0 Denial Of Service

Easy Outlook Express Recovery 2.0 Denial Of Service

Mumsoft Easy Software 2.0 Denial Of Service