Plesk / myLittleAdmin ViewState .NET Deserialization

Synology DiskStation Manager smart.cgi Remote Command Execution

IAIK JCE Side Channel Attack

Druva inSync Windows Client 6.6.3 Local Privilege Escalation

VUPlayer 2.49 .m3u Local Buffer Overflow

Gym Management System 1.0 Remote Code Execution

WebLogic Server Deserialization Remote Code Execution

AbsoluteTelnet 11.21 Denial Of Service

Forma.LMS 5.6.40 Cross Site Request Forgery

OpenEDX Ironwood 2.5 Remote Code Execution

PHP-Fusion 9.03.50 Cross Site Scripting

Composr CMS 10.0.30 Cross Site Scripting

CloudMe 1.11.2 SEH / DEP / ASLR Buffer Overflow

Craft CMS 3 vCard 1.0.0 Remote Code Execution

Protection Licensing Toolkit ReadyAPI 3.2.5 Code Execution / Deserialization

Open-Xchange Dovecot 2.3.10 Null Pointer Dereference / Denial Of Service

Victor CMS 1.0 Shell Upload

PHP-Fusion 9.03.50 SQL Injection

NukeViet VMS 4.4.00 Cross Site Request Forgery