SystemTap 1.3 MODPROBE_OPTIONS Privilege Escalation

Netwide Assembler (NASM) 2.14rc15 Null Pointer Dereference

ManageEngine Applications Manager 14 SQL Injection / Remote Code Execution

Evernote 7.9 Path Traversal / Code Execution

Microsoft Windows Win32k CVE-2019-0859 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

LibreOffice Macro Code Execution

Oracle Java Runtime Environment GlyphIterator::setCurrGlyphID Heap Corruption

Oracle Java Runtime Environment sc_FindExtrema4 Heap Corruption

OAMbuster Multi-Threaded CVE-2018-2879 Scanner

DHCP Server 2.5.2 Denial Of Service

ASUS HG100 Denial Of Service

WordPress Download Manager 2.9.93 Cross Site Scripting

2 Plan Team 1.0.4 Cross Site Scripting

Backdooring-ZMM100-FingerPrint-Devices - AuthBypass & Auto Backdooring Devices

Bouncy Castle CVE-2018-1000180 Security Weakness

Microsoft Windows LUAFV PostLuafvPostReadWrite SECTION_OBJECT_POINTERS Race Condition

Microsoft Windows LUAFV Delayed Virtualization Cache Manager Poisoning Privilege Escalation

Microsoft Windows LUAFV NtSetCachedSigningLevel Device Guard Bypass

Microsoft Windows LUAFV LuafvCopyShortName Arbitrary Short Name Privilege Escalation