cryptmount Filesystem Manager 5.3.2

Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass

Centova Cast 3.2.11 Arbitrary File Download

MobileGo 8.5.0 Insecure File Permissions

TemaTres 3.0 Cross Site Scripting

nipper-ng 0.11.10 Remote Buffer Overflow

Foscam Video Management System Denial Of Service

TemaTres 3.0 Cross Site Request Forgery

Crystal Live HTTP Server 6.01 Directory Traversal

Open Proficy HMI-SCADA Denial Of Service

Lexmark Services Monitor Directory Traversal

ASUS HM Com Service 1.00.31 Unquoted Service Path

Emerson PAC Machine Edition 9.70 Build 8595 Unquoted Service Path

NCP_Secure_Entry_Client 9.2 Unquoted Service Path

iSmartViewPro 1.3.34 Denial Of Service

FreeRadius 3.0.19 Logrotate Privilege Escalation

Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway Cross Site Scripting

Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway XML Injection

TP-Link Archer VR300 1 Cross Site Scripting