Kentix MultiSensor-LAN 5.63.00 Authentication Bypass

Joomla! 3.9.1 Cross Site Scripting

phpTransformer 2016.9 Directory Traversal

phpTransformer 2016.9 SQL Injection

SeoToaster Ecommerce 3.0.0 Local File Inclusion

DotNetNuke Events Calendar 1.x File Download

Webmin 1.900 Remote Command Execution

SSHtranger Things SCP Client File Issue

FastTube Denial Of Service

Eco Search Denial Of Service

One Search Denial Of Service

VPN Browser+ Denial Of Service

7 Tik Denial Of Service

Watchr Denial Of Service

Microsoft Edge Chakra InlineArrayPush Type Confusion

Mozilla Firefox 64 Information Disclosure

Siemens SICAM A8000 Series Denial Of Service

Oracle Reports Developer Cross Site Scripting

Linux/x86 TCP/4444 Bindshell Shellcode