Roxy Fileman 1.4.5 For .NET Directory Traversal

FTP Commander Pro 8.03 Local Stack Overflow

NVMS-1000 Directory Traversal

OpenNetAdmin 18.1.1 Command Injection

Bullwark Momentum Series JAWS 1.0 Directory Traversal

Windows Defender Antivirus 4.18.1908.7-0 File Extension Spoofing

CA Automic Sysload Arbitrary Command Execution

Product Key Explorer Key Denial Of Service

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC For Windows Memory Corruption

AppXSvc 17763 Arbitrary File Overwrite

Product Key Explorer Name Denial Of Service

Lenovo Power Management Driver Buffer Overflow

vBulletin 5.5.4 Remote Command Execution

CA Nolio 6.6 Arbitrary Code Execution

DAViCal CalDAV Server 1.1.8 Reflective Cross Site Scripting

DAViCal CalDAV Server 1.1.8 Cross Site Request Forgery

DAViCal CalDAV Server 1.1.8 Persistent Cross Site Scripting

TOR Virtual Network Tunneling Tool

Apache Olingo OData 4.6.x XML Injection