Moxa TN-5900 Post Authentication Command Injection

Moxa TN-5900 Firmware Upgrade Checksum Validation

OpenStego Free Steganography Solution 0.8.3

Backdoor.Win32.Tiny.c Code Execution

HackTool.Win32.Muzzer.a Buffer Overflow

Fetch Softworks Fetch FTP Client 5.8 Denial Of Service

WordPress RegistrationMagic V SQL Injection

WordPress Modern Events Calendar 6.1 SQL Injection

SAP Enterprise Portal RunContentCreation Cross Site Scripting

PolicyKit-1 0.105-31 Privilege Escalation

SAP Enterprise Portal NavigationReporter Cross Site Scripting

Oracle WebLogic Server Local File Inclusion

WordPress Mortgage Calculators WP 1.52 Cross Site Scripting

Linux Kernel Slab Out-Of-Bounds Write

Linux Kernel Slab Out-Of-Bounds Write

Polkit pkexec CVE-2021-4034 Local Root

Polkit pkexec CVE-2021-4034 Proof Of Concept

Polkit pkexec Local Privilege Escalation

Backdoor.Win32.WinShell.50 Weak Hardcoded Password

Polkit pkexec CVE-2021-4034 Local Root

Grandstream UCM62xx IP PBX sendPasswordEmail Remote Code Execution

Ethercreative Logs 3.0.3 Path Traversal

CosaNostra Builder WebPanel Cross Site Request Forgery

uBidAuction 2.0.1 Cross Site Scripting

FAUST iServer Local File Inclusion

CosaNostra Builder WebPanel Insecure Cryptographic Storage

Xerox Versalink Denial Of Service

CosaNostra Builder Insecure Permissions

Backdoor.Win32.DRA.c Weak Hardcoded Password

Ametys CMS 4.4.1 Cross Site Scripting

Backdoor.Win32.FTP.Lana.01.d Man-In-The-Middle

Online Project Time Management System 1.0 SQL Injection

Backdoor.Win32.FTP.Lana.01.d Weak Hardcoded Password

Backdoor.Win32.Hanuman.b Code Execution

WebACMS 2.1.0 Cross Site Scripting

PHPIPAM 1.4.4 SQL Injection

Backdoor.Win32.FTP99 Man-In-The-Middle

Backdoor.Win32.FTP99 Authentication Bypass

Backdoor.Win32.Agent.uq Insecure Permissions

Online Project Time Management System 1.0 Cross Site Scripting

H2 Database Console Remote Code Execution

TYPO3 femanager 6.3.0 Cross Site Scripting

UniFi Network Application Unauthenticated Log4Shell Remote Code Execution

XNU Kernel mach_msg Use-After-Free

Backdoor.Win32.Wollf.16 Hardcoded Credential

Backdoor.Win32.Wollf.16 Authentication Bypass

Banco Guayaquil 8.0.0 Cross Site Scripting

Online Project Time Management 1.0 SQL Injection

Grandstream GXV3175 Unauthenticated Command Execution

VMware vCenter Server Unauthenticated Log4Shell JNDI Injection Remote Code Execution