CLink Office 2.0 SQL Injection

Zoom XMPP Stanza Smuggling Remote Code Execution

iTop Remote Command Execution

m1k1o's Blog 1.3 Remote Code Execution

Blockchain FiatExchanger 2.2.1 SQL Injection

Blockchain AltExchanger 1.2.1 SQL Injection

OpenCart Newsletter SQL Injection

Linux USB Use-After-Free

SAP Application Server ABAP / ABAP Platform Code Injection / SQL Injection / Missing Authorization

LiquidFiles 3.4.15 Cross Site Scripting

PHPIPAM 1.4.4 Cross Site Request Forgery / Cross Site Scripting

Jupiter / JupiterX Theme Privilege Escalation / LFI / DoS / Access Control Issues

Emby Media Server Cross Site Scripting

Trojan-Ransom.Thanos MVID-2022-0607 Code Execution

SDT-CW3B1 1.1.0 Command Injection

Online Discussion Forum Site 1.0 SQL Injection

Showdoc 2.10.3 Cross Site Scripting

OpenCart So Listing Tabs 2.2.0 Unsafe Deserialization

T-Soft E-Commerce 4 SQL Injection

T-Soft E-Commerce 4 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress Tatsu Builder Remote Code Execution

Survey Sparrow Enterprise Survey Software 2022 Cross Site Scripting

SolarView Compact 6.0 Command Injection

Zyxel Firewall ZTP Unauthenticated Command Injection

Chrome 100 extensions::ExtensionApiFrameIdMap::GetFrameId Heap Use-After-Free

IpMatcher Server-Side Request Forgery

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0606 Code Execution

Zyxel Remote Command Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0605 Code Execution

WordPress WP Event Manager 3.1.27 Cross Site Scripting

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0604 Code Execution

HighCMS/HighPortal 12.x SQL Injection

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0603 Code Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0602 Code Execution

Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0601 Code Execution

Konica Minolta bizhub MFP Printer Terminal Sandbox Escape

COOPER: Testing The Binding Code Of Scripting Languages With Cooperative Mutation

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0600 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0599 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0598 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0597 Code Execution

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0595 Code Execution

F5 BIG-IP iControl Remote Code Execution

AppleVideoDecoder CreateHeaderBuffer Out-Of-Bounds Free

College Management System 1.0 SQL Injection

TLR-2005KSH Arbitrary File Delete

Ransom.REvil MVID-2022-0596 Code Execution

Royal Event Management System 1.0 SQL Injection

F5 BIG-IP 16.0.x Remote Code Execution