Alex Guestbook 5.0.4 Cross Site Scripting

Alex Guestbook version 5.0.4 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | 86c098dbe0cc818ad9dcc6ee9692bf2c

# Exploit Title: Alex Guestbook Version 5.0.4 - Cross Site Scripting
# Exploit Author: Persian Hack Team
# Discovered by : Mojtaba MobhaM (Mojtaba Kazemi)
# Vendor Home :
# Home :
# Google Dork : inurl:alex_guestbook3
# Telegram Channel: @PersianHackTeam
# Tested on: Linux
# Date: 2017-05-23

# POC :
# Cross Site Scripting :
# debut Parameter Vulnerable To XSS


# Greetz : T3NZOG4N & FireKernel & Milad Hacking And All Persian Hack Team Members
# Iranian White Hat Hackers


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