ZKTime Web Software 2.0 Insecure Direct Object Reference

ZKTime Web Software version 2.0 suffers from an insecure direct object reference vulnerability.

MD5 | b777dd4813f975f9032626bc736f801a

Exploit Title: ZKTime Web Software 2.0 - Broken Authentication
CVE-ID: CVE-2017-14680
Vendor Homepage: https://www.zkteco.com/product/ZKTime_Web_2.0_435.html
Vendor of Product: ZKTeco
Affected Product Code: ZKTime Web -
Category: WebApps
Author: Arvind V.
Author Social: @Find_Arvind


Product description:
ZKTime Web 2.0 is a cutting edge Web-based Time Attendance software, which
provided a stable communication for devices through GPRS/WAN, hence, users
can access the software anywhere by their Web Browser to remotely manage
hundreds of T&A terminals under complex network condition (WLAN). The
Application has an administrator role and application user role.

Attack Description:
The Application is a time attendance software which allows users to
download their time and attendance data from the application in a PDF
Format. The data includes their employeeas id, user-id, gender,
birth-dates, phone numbers and access-areas. These PDF Files however are
not properly authenticated. If any user get access to the file-download
link, he can go ahead and download these files directly without any

Proof of Concept Links:

1) http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8081/tmp/report_file/Personnel_20170820144237.pdf
2) http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8081/tmp/report_file/Personnel_20170820144238.pdf
3) http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8081/tmp/report_file/Personnel_20170820144239.pdf

Personal details pertaining to the employees of the company are disclosed
without their permissions. This leads to violation of user privacy.
Moreover the information available can be used to mount further attacks.


Vulnerability Timeline:
18th August 2017 a Vulnerability Discovered
20th August 2017 a Contacted Vendor a No Response
1st September 2017 a Contacted Vendor again a No Response
18th September 2017 a Vulnerability Disclosed

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