KonaKart eCommerce Platform Directory Traversal

KonaKart eCommerce Platform versions prior to 8.8 suffer from a directory traversal vulnerability.

MD5 | ae64a5657782d4edc4601516dcaf1385

Product overview:

"KonaKart is a java based eCommerce software platform trusted by top brands throughout the world to give them a stable, high-
performance online store".

Vulnerability overview:

KonaKart eCommerce Platform prior to verion 8.8 is vulnerable to a directory traversal flaw in the admin console that would allow an attacker to download sensitive application or system files, or upload malicious files and take control of the server. The vulnerability exists due to improper validation of the upload file path.

The vendor has released version 8.8 which among other things, addresses this issue. It includes new functionality which allows administrators to pre-define allowed file paths and does not allow writing to or downloading from locations outside of these pre-defined file paths.

The vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2017-17108.

To mitigate the issue, users should:

- Apply the latest patch (ie. update to v8.8)
- Ensure default KonaKart default accounts are removed or have strong passwords set
- Restrict access to the shop administrative console via IP white listing


24/11/2017 - Vulnerability discovered
28/11/2017 - Vulnerability disclosed to vendor and discussion around impact and exploitability ensues.
04/12/2017 - CVE requested and assigned; vendor advised of CVE number. Work commences by vendor to fix issue and confirm patch resolves said vulnerability.
20/01/2018 - Patch released by vendor and users advised to patch.

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