hik-connect.com / ezvizlife.com Authentication Bypass

A lack of validation on cookie values allows you to login as any user on hik-connect.com and ezvizlife.com.

MD5 | 26e5d7a4fa6f6af98e44e28fff7402fa

There is a full write up of this bug here: https://medium.com/@evstykas/hackvision-8f50924e56d <https://medium.com/@evstykas/hackvision-8f50924e56d>

Vulnerability Security Advisory < 20180424 >
title: No validation on cookie values
product: hik-connect.com and ezvizlife.com
vulnerable version: latest
fixed version: fixed
CVE number: -
impact: critical
found: 2018-04-19
by: Vangelis Stykas & George Lavdanis


Vendor description:

Vulnerability overview/description:
1) No validation on cookie values

Both cloud services (hik-connect.com and ezvizlife.com) rely on cookie value AS_UserID to authenticate the user.Directly changing the value to another valid User id will result in hijacking that user session and be access its cameras/DVRS and change its password and/or email and phone.As the user id is not an incremental number but a hash we will need a way of finding out valid User ids.
In order to do that we can use the https://xxx.ezvizlife.com/friend/queryByMobile.json or endpoint AFTER making that user a friend and get his userId.
That endpoints has a GET parameter (mobile) that will check for a user with username, email or phone number.
After that changing the cookie value to his user id will result in having us logged in as that user.

Proof of concept:
1) No validation on cookie values:

### Details
* Attack Vector: HTTP GET
* Prerequisites: None
* CWE: CWE-784: Reliance on Cookies without Validation and Integrity Checking in a Security Decision
* Technical Impact: Login as any user with no password required
* Vulnerable query URL: /
* Vulnerable Cookie parameter: AS_UserId

Vulnerable / tested versions:
Http://www.hik-connect.com/ (and all geographically distributed servers)

Vendor contact timeline:
2018-04-21: Sent initial report to Hikvision

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