Flexense Disksavvy 10.7 Cross Site Scripting

Flexense Disksavvy versions 10.4 through 10.7 suffer from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | eba79cc88886022951d98f66845c8118

URL: localhost/
Affected Component: */?n0ipr0cs<script>alert('XSS')</script>n0ipr0cs=1*

*Vulnerability Type:*
Cross Site Scripting https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/79.html

*Vendor of Product: *
Flexense Disksavvy

*Version: *
from v10.4 to v10.7.

*Attack Type: *

*Impact: *
This attack allows an attacker code execution. The vulnerability affects
the confidentiality of personal data, possible theft of confidential
information, for example credentials of session, cookie information,
personal information, or a possible loss of control of the PC.

DiskSavvy is a disk space usage analyzer capable of analyzing disks,
network shares, NAS devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are
provided with multiple disk usage analysis and file classification
capabilities allowing one to gain an in-depth visibility into how the disk
space is used, save reports and perform file management operations.

This vulnerability have been discovered by
Francisco Javier Santiago VA!zquez aka "n0ipr0cs"

*Disclosure Timeline:*
April 07, 2018: Vulnerability acquired by Francisco Javier Santiago
VA!zquez. aka "n0ipr0cs".
April 07, 2018: Responsible disclosure to Flexense Security Team.
April 18, 2018: Second Message Responsible disclosure to Flexense Security
April 25, 2018: The vulnerability has been fixed.The new product version
(v10.8) fixes a number of bugs and security vulnerabilities, this include
April 30, 2018: Disclosure of vulnerability.

*Link:* http://blog.n0ipr0cs.io/post/2018/04/29/XSS-Flexense-

F. Javier Santiago VA!zquez

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