Google Chrome V8 - Object Allocation Size Integer Overflow

EDB-ID: 44584
Author: Google Security Research
Published: 2018-05-04
CVE: CVE-2018-6065
Type: Remote
Platform: Multiple
Aliases: N/A
Advisory/Source: Link
Tags: Remote
Vulnerable App: N/A

See the following code in

// static
bool JSFunction::CalculateInstanceSizeForDerivedClass(
Handle<JSFunction> function, InstanceType instance_type,
int requested_embedder_fields, int* instance_size,
int* in_object_properties) {
Isolate* isolate = function->GetIsolate();
int expected_nof_properties = 0;
bool result = true;
for (PrototypeIterator iter(isolate, function, kStartAtReceiver);
!iter.IsAtEnd(); iter.Advance()) {
Handle<JSReceiver> current =
if (!current->IsJSFunction()) break;
Handle<JSFunction> func(Handle<JSFunction>::cast(current));
// The super constructor should be compiled for the number of expected
// properties to be available.
Handle<SharedFunctionInfo> shared(func->shared());
if (shared->is_compiled() ||
Compiler::Compile(func, Compiler::CLEAR_EXCEPTION)) {
expected_nof_properties += shared->expected_nof_properties(); // <--- overflow here!
} else if (!shared->is_compiled()) {
// In case there was a compilation error for the constructor we will
// throw an error during instantiation. Hence we directly return 0;
result = false;
if (!IsDerivedConstructor(shared->kind())) {
CalculateInstanceSizeHelper(instance_type, true, requested_embedder_fields,
expected_nof_properties, instance_size,
return result;

By supplying a long prototype chain of objects with a large expected_nof_properties we can control the resulting value of instance_size by causing (requested_embedder_fields + requested_in_object_properties) << kPointerSizeLog2 to be overflown to a small negative value, resulting in an allocation smaller than header_size, which is the minimum required size for the base object class being allocated. This results in memory corruption when the object is initialised/used.

void JSFunction::CalculateInstanceSizeHelper(InstanceType instance_type,
bool has_prototype_slot,
int requested_embedder_fields,
int requested_in_object_properties,
int* instance_size,
int* in_object_properties) {
int header_size = JSObject::GetHeaderSize(instance_type, has_prototype_slot);
(JSObject::kMaxInstanceSize - header_size) >> kPointerSizeLog2);
*instance_size =
Min(header_size +
((requested_embedder_fields + requested_in_object_properties)
<< kPointerSizeLog2),
*in_object_properties = ((*instance_size - header_size) >> kPointerSizeLog2) -

The attached PoC crashes current stable on linux.

See crash report ID: 307546648ba8a84a

Chrome issue is

Attaching the working exploit for this issue.

Note that issue_808192.html is a template - it requires to do a version check and patch a few version dependent constants in, since some object layouts have changed during the range of Chrome versions on which the exploit was tested.

Proof of Concept:

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