iOS Kernel Personas Use-After-Free

The iOS kernel suffers from a use-after-free vulnerability due to bad error handling in personas.

MD5 | 00aa8ae882f2b6020f3e4a12749da1ee

iOS kernel UaF due to bad error handling in personas 


There was recently some cleanup in the persona code to fix some race conditions there, I don't think it was sufficient:

In kpersona_alloc_syscall if we provide an invalid userspace pointer for the ipd outptr we can cause this copyout to fail:

error = copyout(&persona->pna_id, idp, sizeof(persona->pna_id));
if (error)
goto out_error;

This jumps here:
if (persona)

At this point the persona is actually in the global list and the reference has been transfered there; this code
is mistakenly assuming that userspace can't still race a dealloc call because it doesn't know the id.

The id is attacker controlled so it's easy to still race this (ie we call persona_alloc in one thread, and dealloc in another),
causing an extra call to persona_put.

It's probably possible to make the failing copyout take a long time,
allowing us to gc and zone-swap the page leading to the code attempting to drop a ref on a different type.

This PoC has been tested on iOS 11.3.1 because it requires root. I have taken a look at an iOS 12 beta and it looks like the vuln
is still there, but I cannot test it.

It should be easy to fix up this PoC to run as root in your testing environment.

Found by: ianbeer

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