D-Link DSL-2770L Credential Disclosure

D-Link DSL-2770L suffers from an administrative credential disclosure vulnerability.

MD5 | 4836110f99fb915680d69b77d7c0e398


D-Link DSL-2770L (version ME_1.01, ME_1.02, AU_1.06)

[Vulnerability Type]
admin credentials disclosure

[Affected Component]
Web Interface

[CVE Reference]

[Security Issue]
An authenticated user can visit the page atbox.htm, for example, http://victime_ip/atbox.htm, and obtain clear text password of user admin at the line:

else if(ff.curpd.value != "__password__") location="atbox_pd.htm"

[Network Access]
Remote via Web Interface

Not required

[Disclosure Timeline]
2018-06-17: Vendor Notification
2018-06-19: Vendor acknowledgement
2018-10-23: Request update
2018-10-26: Vendor: "I don't have an update currently, but fixes are under development."
2018-12-07: Inform vendor of disclosure
2018-12-17: Public Disclosure

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