Across DR-810 ROM-0 Backup File Disclosure

Across DR-810 ROM-0 suffers from a backup file disclosure vulnerability.

MD5 | b59e0363dc0da836f0682d7d11b9ce6c

#Exploit Title: Across DR-810 ROM-0 Backup - File Disclosure(Sensitive Information)
#Date: 2019-01-11
#Exploit Author: SajjadBnd
#My Email: [email protected]
#Vendor Homepage:
#Version: DR-810
#Tested on: DR-810
#RomPager/4.07 UPnP/1.0

[+] About
this hardware is a SIM card modem , This modem is being installed in Iran and sold with the SIM card An internet site that sells products like SIM-card modems This modem has sold countless And on the main page of the site wrote:

SIM modems are used in a variety of ways and for similar uses, and depending on the features and quality, they have a variety of prices.
In this site, you will be familiar with the five modem and router sim-modem groups, which you can consult with us to choose the best option for you, and choose one of them.

[+] Rom-0 Backup File Disclosure
A dangerous vulnerability present on many network devices which are using
RomPager.The rom-0 file contains sensitive information such as the router password.
There is a disclosure in which anyone can download that file without any authentication by
a simple GET request.

[+] POC
just add /rom-0 to your target address
rom-0 Backup File will be downloaded


then you can Decompressed the file and get password

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