Evernote 7.9 Path Traversal / Code Execution

Evernote version 4.9 suffers from a path traversal that can allow for code execution.

MD5 | d4904d2fd1cf06efcec045568d6f2691

# Exploit Title: Code execution via path traversal
# Date: 17-04-2019
# Exploit Author: Dhiraj Mishra
# Vendor Homepage: http://evernote.com/
# Software Link: https://evernote.com/download
# Version: 7.9
# Tested on: macOS Mojave v10.14.4
# CVE: CVE-2019-10038
# References:
# https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2019-10038
# https://www.inputzero.io/2019/04/evernote-cve-2019-10038.html

A local file path traversal issue exists in Evernote 7.9 for macOS which
allows an attacker to execute arbitrary programs.

Technical observation:
A crafted URI can be used in a note to perform this attack using file:///
has an argument or by traversing to any directory like

Since, Evernote also has a feature of sharing notes, in such case attacker
could leverage this vulnerability and send crafted notes (.enex) to the
victim to perform any further attack.

The patch for this issue is released in Evernote 7.10 Beta 1 for macOS
[MACOSNOTE-28840]. Also, the issue is tracked by CVE-2019-10038.

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