SeedDMS out.UsrMgr.php Cross Site Scripting

SeedDMS versions prior to 5.1.11 suffers from persistent cross site scripting vulnerability in out.UsrMgr.php.

MD5 | c5f95efb508f1b497856340ab872055a

# Exploit Title: [Persistent Cross-Site Scripting or Stored XSS in out/out.UsrMgr.php in SeedDMS before 5.1.11]
# Google Dork: [NA]
# Date: [20-June-2019]
# Exploit Author: [Nimit Jain](
# Vendor Homepage: []
# Software Link: []
# Version: [< 5.1.11] (REQUIRED)
# Tested on: [NA]
# CVE : [CVE-2019-12745]


Step 1: Login to the application and go to My account and edit user details.
Step 2: Change the name by adding <script>alert("name")</script>
Step 3: Now browse to user management option in Admin-tools and click on choose user to execute the previously inserted javascript.

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