UNA 10.0.0 RC1 Cross Site Scripting

UNA version 10.0.0 RC1 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability in polyglot.php.

MD5 | ec9eee5192777cb8c329f9ce8f2c7370

# Exploit Title: [UNA - 10.0.0-RC1 stored XSS vuln.]
# Date: [2019 08 10]
# Exploit Author: [Greg.Priest]
# Vendor Homepage: [https://una.io/]
# Software Link: [https://github.com/unaio/una/tree/master/studio]
# Version: [UNA - 10.0.0-RC1]
# Tested on: [Windows/Linux ]
# CVE : [CVE-2019-14804]

UNA-v.10.0.0-RC1 [Stored XSS Vulnerability]#1

Sign in to admin and look for the ["etemplates"] page (/studio/polyglot.php?page=etemplates)!
Click ["Emails"] and edit the templates! Inject the JavaScript code into the ["System Name"] field!


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