AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System 1.1.9e Incorrect Access Control

AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System version 1.1.9e suffers from an incorrect access control vulnerability.

MD5 | a64c3867cfeab198ca45b32478b4e026

# Exploit Title: AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System 1.1.9e - Incorrect Access Control
# Date: 2019-10-24
# Exploit Author: Luca.Chiou
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System all versions prior to v1.1.9e
# Tested on: It is a proprietary devices:
# CVE: N/A

# 1. Description:
# An issue was discovered in AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System.
# There is an incorrect access control vulnerability that can allow the attacker to
# bypass the authentication mechanism, and upload files to the server without any authentication.

# 2. Proof of Concept:
(1) Access the picture management page of AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System (/Solar_Web_Portal/Picture_Manage_mvc.aspx) without
any authentication. As a guest role, user is not allowed to upload a picture. However, there are two parameters, Act and authority, in Picture_Manage_mvc.aspx.
(2) Modify the value of parameter authority from 40 to 100. You can find out the upload button is enabled.
(3) Now you can upload a file successfully.
(4) The file which we uploaded is storing in server side. It’s means any user without authentication can upload files to server side.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


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