WordPress Hotel Booking System Pro 1.1 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress Hotel Booking System Pro plugin version 1.1 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | aaf87caa2a60cbec5c87d3dcf0b30316

# Exploit Title: WordPress Hotel Booking System Pro v1.1  XSS Vunlerability
# Google Dork:N/A
# Date: 2020-04-04
# Exploit Author: @ThelastVvV
# Vendor Homepage: https://codecanyon.net/item/online-hotel-booking-system-pro-wordpress-plugin/9338914
# Version: 1.1
# Tested on: 5.4.0-4parrot1-amd64



Persistent Cross-site Scripting in Customer registration-form all-tags

PoC 1:

1- Go to the hotel booking page then choose new customor

2- In "any " field of registration form type your payload :
"><img src=x onerror=prompt(document.domain);>

3-then hit CONTINUE

4- Once the admin logs in and go to Customerlookup page ... the admin will be xssed


XSS can lead to adminstators/users's Session Hijacking, and if used in conjunction with a social engineering attack it can also lead to disclosure of sensitive data, CSRF attacks and other critical attacks on administrators directly.

Other infos:

Supported Wordpress versions:
WordPress 4.9.x
WordPress 4.8.x
WordPress 4.7.x
WordPress 4.6.1
WordPress 4.6
WordPress 4.5.x
WordPress 4.5.2
WordPress 4.5.1
WordPress 4.5
WordPress 4.4.2
WordPress 4.4.1
WordPress 4.4
WordPress 4.3.1
WordPress 4.3,
WordPress 4.2,
WordPress 4.1,
wordPress 4.0



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