SMBGhost-LPE-Metasploit-Module - This Is An Implementation Of The CVE-2020-0796 Aka SMBGhost Vulnerability, Compatible With The Metasploit Framework

This is an implementation of the CVE-2020-0796 aka SMBGhost vulnerability, compatible with the Metasploit Framework

  • This module made to be used when you have a valid shell to escalate your privileges.
  • You can change the payload, if you want to have your custom dll shellcode or if you want to encode it in some way.
  • The exe file is edited to evade detection and made it applicable to run and inject the dll shellcode.


  • Credits for exploit authers {Daniel García Gutiérrez,Manuel Blanco Parajón}.
  • Credits also for Spencer McIntyre for his greate code too.


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