SolarWinds TFTP Server Remote Unauthenticated Reconfiguration

SolarWinds TFTP Server version suffers from a remote unauthenticated reconfiguration vulnerability that could result in code execution.

MD5 | e85380a10c7825b34060476c3353e2c7

Older versions of SolarWinds' TFTP Server, which could have been installed
from a standalone download or bundled with certain paid products, may have
allowed unauthenticated remote users to change sensitive settings such as
the TFTP root directory or IP-based security settings.

In certain environments, this could lead to remote code execution, for
example by allowing attackers to modify a web application hosted on the
same server.

Administrators should verify that installed SolarWinds products are fully
updated. If the TFTP Server component is observed listening for TCP
connections on an interface besides the loopback, consider using firewalls
or a similar security mechanism to limit access to the listening TCP port.

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