Human Resource Information System 0.1 Cross Site Scripting

Human Resource Information System version 0.1 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | b3c43dae4a9a9d7796907d56e01016b2

# Exploit Title: Human Resource Information System  0.1  - 'First Name'  Persistent Cross-Site Scripting (Authenticated)
# Date: 04-05-2021
# Exploit Author: Reza Afsahi
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Software Download:
# Version: 0.1
# Tested on: PHP 7.4.11 , Linux x64_x86

# --- Description --- #

# The web application allows for an assisstant to inject persistent Cross-Site-Scripting payload which will be executed in both assistant and Super Admin panel

# --- Proof of concept --- #

1- Login as Assistant and go to: http://localhost/code/Admin_Dashboard/Add_employee.php
2- Click on Add Employee button
3- Inject this payload into First Name input : <script>alert('xss')</script>
4- and fill other inputs as you want (Other inputs might be vulnerable as well) then click on Save button.
5- refresh the page and Xss popup will be triggered.

6- Now if Super Admin visit this page in his/her Dashboard : http://localhost/code/Superadmin_Dashboard/Add_employee.php
7- Our Xss payload will be executed on Super Admin Browser

** Attacker can use this vulnerability to take over Super Admin account **

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