WordPress Preview E-mails For WooCommerce 1.6.8 Cross Site Scripting

WordPress Preview E-mails for WooCommerce plugin versions 1.6.8 and below suffer from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | c46da50d03a7e43bbff2b3dc283f9317

Description: Reflected Cross-Site Scripting

Affected Plugin: Preview E-mails for WooCommerce

Plugin Slug: woo-preview-emails

Affected Versions: <= 1.6.8

CVE ID: CVE-2021-42363

CVSS Score: 6.1 (Medium)


Researcher/s: Chloe Chamberland

Fully Patched Version: 2.0.0

Preview E-mails for WooCommerce is a simple plugin designed to give site owners the ability to preview the emails that are sent to customers via WooCommerce. Unfortunately, the plugin had a flaw that made it possible for attackers to inject malicious web scripts into the `digthis-woocommerce-preview-emails` page.

As part of the plugin’s functionality, there is a feature to search orders and to generate an email preview based upon a specific order, so that an administrator or shop manager can see exactly what a specific user sees for the emails that get sent out. Unfortunately, the search_orders parameter, used to conduct the search, was reflected to the page and had no input sanitization or escaping upon output which made it possible for users to supply arbitrary scripts that would execute in the browser when the page was accessed with the payload set in the search_orders parameter.

This meant that if an attacker could successfully convince a site administrator to click on a link, they could get malicious JavaScript to execute in that administrator’s browser. This script could be crafted to inject a new administrative user or even modify a plugin or theme file to include a backdoor which in turn would grant the attacker the ability to completely take over the site.


November 1, 2021 – Conclusion of the plugin analysis that led to the discovery of a Reflected Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in the Preview E-mails for WooCommerce plugin. We validate that the Wordfence Firewall provides complete protection. We initiate contact with the developer.

November 3, 2021 – The developer confirms the inbox for handling the discussion.

November 4, 2021 – We send over the full disclosure details.

October 8, 2021 – A fully patched version of the plugin is released as version 2.0.0.


In today’s post, we detailed a flaw in the Preview E-mails for WooCommerce plugin that made it possible for attackers to inject malicious web scripts into a page that would execute if an attacker successfully tricked a site administrator into performing an action. This flaw has been fully patched in version 2.0.0.

We recommend that WordPress users immediately verify that their site has been updated to the latest patched version available, which is version 2.0.1 at the time of this publication.

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