Backdoor.Win32.Mellpon.b Information Disclosure

Backdoor.Win32.Mellpon.b malware suffers from an information leakage vulnerability.

MD5 | 9fb1627230f1b16ea76628ed71fca5e9

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - (c) 2021
Original source:
Contact: [email protected]

Threat: Backdoor.Win32.Mellpon.b
Vulnerability: Remote Unauthenticated Information Disclosure
Description: The malware listens on TCP port 80 and creates a dir named "tanaka" with a file named C.html, the HTML file contains a list of all dirs on the system and their contents. Third-party attackers who can reach an infected system can view the screen dumps taken periodically as well as view all directories and files on the system. The screen dumps are in a JPG file named "~ss.jpg" and can be accessed by URL http://x.x.x.x/~ss.jpg.
Type: PE32
MD5: e499a4c359a8cc46e641f39c0ed548f9
Vuln ID: MVID-2021-0430
Disclosure: 12/16/2021

1) Open a web browser to the infected host and navigate to C.html or ~ss.jpg.

Screenshots of the infected host.

2) All files and directory contents.

2021/10/13 20:24 28131582 C.html

2016/11/21 15:06 DIR $Recycle.Bin/
2018/03/13 15:36 DIR Boot/
2016/11/21 11:28 DIR Documents and Settings/
2021/12/13 20:21 DIR dump/
2017/12/13 20:41 DIR PerfLogs/
2021/12/13 20:17 DIR Program Files/
2021/10/03 20:49 DIR Program Files (x86)/
2021/10/03 21:12 DIR ProgramData/
2018/03/13 00:44 DIR Recovery/
2018/03/13 00:45 DIR System Volume Information/
2018/03/13 00:45 DIR Users/
2021/07/07 21:14 DIR Windows/
2018/03/01 01:53 398082 bootmgr
2017/09/29 08:41 1 BOOTNXT
2018/03/13 00:40 8192 BOOTSECT.BAK
2021/10/12 21:10 671088640 pagefile.sys
2021/10/12 21:10 16777216 swapfile.sys


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